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can any one tell me about interview process in factset and how to crack interview.

will anyone tell me about the recruitment process of face

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Ira Doshi 8 hours ago
For what role? They have training and business development and other roles also..

10 men can dig a 25 feet deep well in 8 days. After 2 days, a fifth of the portion dug is filled due to rain. How many more days will the same men take to dig it completely?
need solution for this question please...

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mani prashanth 7 hours ago

Can anyone please say me about recruiting companies and activities of them ?

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alapati srikanth 9 hours ago

Does anyone know about the syllabus for "Accolite" campus recruitment test for ECE students!??

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Mayank Pratap Singh Gaur 9 hours ago
when is accolite coming to your college?

how I get a job in T. c. S....
I mean what R the basic things I have to learn.....

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Amogha Prasannakumar 11 hours ago
Focus more on nothing but APTITUDE questions

once u r done in online test post that the chances of u getting a job is more
deep 8 hours ago
its 18%
(x/100) *250 =45
=>x =(45*100)/250=18%

anyone knows about one97 (paytm) b.tech recruitments ?

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Tushar Rana 11 hours ago
yes please tell anyone, I'm in BCA 5th sem

Today evening we had National Instruments (NI) pen & paper test:
It was of 9 questions
we had given space to answer in first page
1) Was on fibinocie series program
we were supposed to arrange the program codes in increasing order
2)A block of m*m is given . Now with m*1 and m*n given to u .In how many ways u can fill the block
If m=3 & n=2
3)A North America number
N XX XXX XXXX N is allowed for 2-7 digits .X is allowed for O-9 digits.How many numbers can be formed ?
9) Was on NAND Gate
5) Was based on instruction time cycle .
Rest were also based on C .

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Samaksh Agarwal 9 hours ago
Thanks for sharing
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