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vishnu Rm

2 hours ago

How can I enroll myself for a bank exams? I'm just blank can someone guide me!!

Sankar Ganesh

3 hours ago


3 hours ago

Suresh working alone can audit the company's accounts in 12days.while Prakash working alone takes 3more days than Suresh to complete the same work.they both undertook a job for RS.10800with the help of Vinod,they finished it in 5days how much paid to Vinod?pls explain ur answer

  1. A 4,500 21%
  2. B 2,700 43%
  3. C 8,100 21%
  4. D 4,200 14%
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5 hours ago

correct the below sentences
1.people starve when he has no money.
2.he enjoyed during summer
3.I asked for my book ,but he didn't give me.
4 My self saw him do it.
He is not a such a rouge that qould do it.
5 .It is hard to bear your seperation

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deepa v patil

7 hours ago

How many such pairs of letters are there in the word SUBSTANCE each of which has as many letters between them in the word (in both forward and backward directions) as in the english alphabetical series?

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deepa v patil

9 hours ago

anuj kumar jha

9 hours ago

i am a production and industrial engineering student, currently in third year. which type of companies may offer me the placement?

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deepa v patil

9 hours ago

Mounika Moni

10 hours ago

P V Monika

10 hours ago

A and B can do piece of work in 10days .B and C in 15days .C and A in 20days. All of them work at it for 2days ,then A leaves .After 2days of this , B also leaves. Now for how many days C will complete rest of the work?