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gourav 2 hours ago
total fee
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Prashant Sheth 13 hours ago
this is just an information I guess, no news from TCS official website yet

Hi FACE Preppers! This week, we are appreciating our very own FACE Prepper, Mohamed Abusuhail! I'm sure that almost all of you would have come across his posts. He is the one who posts a Technical MCQ (C language) daily and encourages others to participate along. Currently, the expectation of technical abilities is set very high in any IT companies. The initiative taken by Mohamed to meet such expectation is highly appreciable. Now, we surely cannot ignore his efforts right! Do check out his post guys and don't forget to congratulate him! Follow him - https://www.faceprep.in/profile/950796/ Congrats and keep up your good work Mohamed! We are hoping to see another one of you guys in next week's post! Have a good day!

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Maarrriiii 6 hours ago

can anyone got INFOSYS call letter I was attended the written test on 16th June so can u please tell me if anybody got the log in credentials ?? r CALL LETTER???

[25/06, 3:33 PM] Job Alerts: *Syntel Off Campus Drive 2018:* *Qualification:* B.E/B.Tech/MCA *Job Location:* Across India *Apply @* https://goo.gl/eo3Qej *Forward this Job Info to All*🙌

*Wipro Mega Off Campus Drive 2018:* *Job Role:* Project Engineer *Qualification:* B.E/B.Tech *Salary:* Rs 3.2 (or) 3.3 Lacs per annum *Job Locations:* *South:* _Bangalore,Chennai,Cochin,Coimbatore,Hyderabad,Mysore,Secunderabad,Vijayawada,Vishakapatnam,_ *East:* _Kolkata,Guwahati,Bhubaneswar_ *North:* _Noida,Gurugram,New Delhi_ *West:* _Ahmedabad,Baroda,Mumbai,Pune_ *Last Date:* 5 July 2018 *Apply @* https://goo.gl/WLzusq 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 🙋‍♂ *Forward this Job Info to All Engineering graduates & Help Them*🙌

dis maybe helpful to someone. plzz do contact dem for Ur doubts.

i have completed 6th sem...in 1 or 2 months I ll face campus placement,,,anyone can suggest something? cse branch

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sivaramireddy vemannagari 2 hours ago
give me your WhatsApp number

To complete a task in 45 days,a contractor employs 45 people. Upon reviewing the work after 30 days,he notices that only half of the task was complete. In order to complete the work in 45 days,how many extra people he must employ now?

  1. A 90 0%
  2. B 15 40%
  3. C 60 30%
  4. D 45 30%
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Bandaru.Saiprasannakumar 2 hours ago
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