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If you want to attend any live class from FACEPrep, which day you would prefer?
(If you prefer Weekdays, please comment below the respective days)

  1. A Weekdays (Monday to Friday) 23%
  2. B Weekend (Saturday & Sunday) 77%
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Sandeep Kumar 6 hours ago

Hi if any one attended Ggk technology business development executive interview can you share me what is this market research round how to clear this round.

any off campus are available??(2018)batch students

Have anyone attended the drive for hiring content writers at Zoho?How was your experience right from the written test?

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R Joshi 4 hours ago
Not attended

Is there anyone who got shortlist mail who attended the cts pat interview on april 6th in coimbatore chil Sez

Geetha 3 hours ago
oohk....let's wait..

anyone attend serco metro aptitude test...please tell me how to prepare for aptitude and verbal and non verbal test.

I have shortlisted for syntel through amcat.... what are the next round... please tell

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sai kumar 3 hours ago
of course.Sometimes they ask for PC.Dont be aggressive yaar.Cool down

*** Friends, Anybody have zoho Interview Experience as a fresher? please give some suggestions.Is their process difficult..Plz share..

ramunaik banavath 6 hours ago
don't tension.
be Cool
deffenatly Select u.

Soon after the PPT on the day of our recruitment process, we faces this question Any questions?? almost all students kept mum and me also in so many situations. but we will have so many questions to be asked and they will continuously running in our mind but we will not try to ask them in front of all of our friends. Something stops us some thing pulled us from doing that. our question may be wrong, sentence may wrong, may be worded incorrectly.. whatever but if we have a question we should have dare to ask and to clarify as soon as possible. Because this our career path and now onwards if we get placed in that company, that company is not our working place anymore,that is our emotion, family, friend everything... So soon after the thinking about this, i have a suggestion related to this.how we can ask question other than Thier roles, principles,scope, progress etc. Here you go......... ✓✓✓✓assume you are asking a question now onwards✓✓✓✓ Hai my name is (Name). have one doubt,also it may be suggestion or question. Qn:- " Let me assume you have hired person xyz for profile 456, he supposed to work in java. Before that You checked him everything like from technical to behavioural interview and you given one code which is so hard and he cracked that also. Having all these things but these things may not work for long time in company. Because while working in company, definitely we will come across with N number of dynamic contents (spontaneity),meeting random people where everything matters even our communication,how we look, again having all these things, Let us assume you realised very soon after he or she joined your company, that he is not having that much of skills or unable handle such situations but he is a hard-worker ,a work holic, honest and moreover he need job , what you will do in that situation.. ?? will you kick him out of the company?? or will you give him special training like professional skills development ,or about industrial standards!!! do your company has place for such people ??? Because we are Freshers no?? We may not have industry standards

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