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Sunkara Sri Ramnaidu 12 hours ago
written test pattern
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pagolu susmitha 16 hours ago
really useful session. need more....
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Vedant Nori 1 day ago
I am in

Guys selected for tcs :) I wrote on 10th of feb :) still any one cracked it??

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Amar Semwal 1 hour ago
I got selected too.

I just got the mail from TCS. Did anyone else got?

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Chirag Shah 2 hours ago

--- How are you introducing yourself ? ---- √ Every one will have there own introduction, and describing them in front of any one ,any interviewer, recruiter will matters alot. √ Ofcourse we will get so many seminars, webinars, resources, proper guidance about how to introduce yourself, but until and unless exploring the things Which you have inside and describing them in a systematic way,we will not get satisfaction and for sure we will not present our "complete what we are" before recruiters. √ well am also a fresher, frustrated, with lot of desperation,having experience of attended interviews, with having sleepless nights Towards fantasizing, framing the HR anwers, i find an way ,i described myself in an effective way(what i feel ). √ Share with you all soon,and you also do the same All the best,happy coding.

Other Companies

---LAM RESEARCH--- CAREERNET CONSULTANCY, Banglore, conducted the aptitude test of lam research. if you want any more details, you can web search related to careernet and lamresearch. Company visited our college(uvce, banglore) in campus fair,we registered for it,aftr a week later we got an mail and we needed to visit careernet consultancy, banglore. Check your mail and checklist provided in the mail,be with your updated Resume. We visited at 10 o clock and reporting time was 10:30, I Dont knw abt others, for me it was very difficult, aptitude, logical,technical everything was lengthy, tricky,and was difficult as compared to my previous experiences they were concentrated only on *arrays *pointers *bitwise operations *some basic OOP concepts Be calm during test,bcz that expects lot of concentration. Now i am also waiting for next round Results but i did not well All the best,happy coding

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Difficulty Level Hard
Selection Status No Offer
RAHUL (APKA BHAI) 4 hours ago
Simply Google it yaar

how to prepare for infosys aptitude test is there any tricks to prepare ....anyone whose experienced infosys written test plz suggest me to prepare......... 7416618812 watts up num , suggest me anyone....

neha 4 hours ago
nobody can give u material... specifically for Infosys...coz recently I had it...I was unable to clear..concentrate more on passages..n puzzles...those r not at all...direct questions...don't expect such! n by d way give lot of mocks!dats all I can say.
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