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Sa 3 days ago
If I miss a class can I watch it again.
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Prashant Sheth 7 hours ago
this is just an information I guess, no news from TCS official website yet

Hi FACE Preppers! This week, we are appreciating our very own FACE Prepper, Mohamed Abusuhail! I'm sure that almost all of you would have come across his posts. He is the one who posts a Technical MCQ (C language) daily and encourages others to participate along. Currently, the expectation of technical abilities is set very high in any IT companies. The initiative taken by Mohamed to meet such expectation is highly appreciable. Now, we surely cannot ignore his efforts right! Do check out his post guys and don't forget to congratulate him! Follow him - https://www.faceprep.in/profile/950796/ Congrats and keep up your good work Mohamed! We are hoping to see another one of you guys in next week's post! Have a good day!

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Maarrriiii 42 minutes ago

Hi Face Preppers, In today's daily dose, you are given the word 'mettlesome'. Find the meaning of the word from the picture and form a sentence using it! And like we always do, let's use the comment section to learn and grow! Happy Learning!

Do you think that the Resume matters in the HR interview round?

  1. A Yes 91%
  2. B No 9%
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Rahul Moorkoth 2 hours ago
Ya offcourse

Does anyone have amcat mock tests material? Please do comment..

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Prakhar 2 hours ago
Testpot,faceApp, youth4work

How many squares are there in a chessboard?

  1. A 1296 33%
  2. B 204 30%
  3. C 625 23%
  4. D 165 14%
43 Attempts

Company Name: DXC Technology Role: IT Ops/Support Analyst I Qualification: BE/ B.Tech Batch: 2015, 2016 and 2017 Experience: 0 – 2 Years Job Locations: Chennai Link to Apply: https://goo.gl/ExTvMY

guys is drop of 1 year after a first year of BE eligible for Infosys drive or not ?

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