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Anwesha Roy 27 minutes ago
Verbal is one tricky section....can land you somewhere nice or bring down the score ... Waiting eagerly for the session by the maestro himself!!!
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Sivachandran 9 hours ago
any offer leter or selection mail?
7 Thanks
7 Thanks
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Siva Priya 1 day ago
what are all the topics should we have to prepare for this drive
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kavitha pothula 2 days ago
is it free??
4 Thanks
4 Thanks 6 Comments
priyadharshini 1 day ago
how to apply for it
17 Thanks 6 Comments
Thenmozhi Subramaniyam 2 days ago
how to clear first round for written test? any idea plzzzz
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V.Prashanthi 2 days ago
it's very useful to freshers
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