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anyone got data structures algorithms coding questions in wipro placements

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Three numbers are in the ratio of 3:4:5 and their LCM is 2400. Their HCF is ?

Dhanunjay 24 minutes ago
Let the numbers be 3x, 4x,5x
Then, their L.C.M. = 60x.
So, 60x = 2400 or x = 40.
 The numbers are (3 x 40), (4 x 40) and (5 x 40).
Hence, required H.C.F. = 40.

If a person walks at 14 kmph instead of 10 kmph, he would have walked 20km more. The actual distance travelled by him was ?

Dhanunjay 58 minutes ago
Let the actual distance travelled be x km.
Then,x/10=(x + 20)/14
14x = 10x + 200
4x = 200
x = 50 km.

can anyone tell me about Vaishnavi infotech ? Please tell me about the interview process and interview questions

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If the hands of the clock coincide every one hour, then how much time does the watch gain per a week?

Prakhar 36 minutes ago
15.27 hours shayad😅😅😅

A cube is painted green on all the faces. If 7 cuts are made along each of the three dimensions of a cube. What is the difference between the number of cubes that are painted green on atmost two faces and the number of cubes that are painted green on atleast one face ?

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Dhanunjay 27 minutes ago
answer is 6
Prakhar 35 minutes ago
yeah Right monday! same logic

can anyone share about HEXAWARE interview process I have the drive tomorrow please help me

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shubham rk 25 minutes ago
thanx bro
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