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Hey guys! Let us have all the Infosys Referral Drive related discussions as comments on this post.

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Tanmay Singh 13 hours ago
till now i have not received any mail . :(

M from Pune location&tcs is claiming joining at 1st March 2018.. my interview was on 11 feb&i didn't recieve mail yet&will I now get rejection mail only..:(..?

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Prakhar 25 minutes ago
be optimistic, maybe you are on Hold position so they might call you if someone fails to join/ Rejects offer letter. Chill & Buckle up for Infy.

I got this but nothing regard test details and it says BPO job ?? really . give suggestion

Prakhar 51 minutes ago
I guess your referrer referred you for wrong position 😂
Bharath 1 hour ago
wt is ur %

Does anyone from chennai region got your joining date??

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Deepa Ram 2 hours ago
yu got~?
deepali 1 hour ago

Has TCS declared results for Pune region?..I didn't recieve any mail yet.

Sharma A Man 25 minutes ago
those who didn't get mail are not selected .

In TCS interview pattern..for the case of e-mail writing can we change the tense of given phrase and can we change the order of the given phrases ??

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Aman Giri 2 hours ago
no. just use the phrase in given sequence.
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