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Hey guys! We know there are students in this forum who are from different branches of engineering or other degrees. We want to help each one of you in reaching the heights you desire.
We have mentioned few categories below. Please select the one you are interested in. If you do not belong to any of these, please mention in comments what you aspire to become and pursue. We will try to help you out!

  1. A Core Companies 45%
  2. B Bank exams 10%
  3. C IT/ITES 30%
  4. D GATE/GRE 11%
  5. E CAT/MAT/GMAT 4%
16 Thanks 616 Attempts 22 Comments
Chandra Ram 4 hours ago
core companies in computer science

Did anyone got joining letter from Hyderabad location?

  1. A yes 14%
  2. B still waiting 86%
7 Attempts

Have you got the mail from infosys who registered on 20th Feb?

  1. A yes 8%
  2. B no 92%
12 Attempts
Patta Pradeep 12 hours ago
Are u attending?? What is the amount for marathon and How many days they will tell??

How many of u

  1. A Got joining letter tcs 33%
  2. B Waiting for joining letter tcs 67%
55 Attempts

Have you all got any email from Infosys regarding Online test?

  1. A Yes 23%
  2. B No 77%
70 Attempts

Inside a square plot, a circular garden is developed which exactly fits in the square plot and the diameter of the garden is equal to the side of the square plot which is 28 metres. What is the area of the space left out in the square plot after developing the garden (In Metre square)?

  1. A 98 25%
  2. B 168 29%
  3. C 84 29%
  4. D 146 17%
2 Thanks 24 Attempts 1 Comment
Asif Alam 1 day ago

Mr. X invested a certain amount in Debt and Equity funds in the ratio of 4:5. At the end of one year, he earned a total dividend of 30% on his investment. After one year, he reinvested the amount including the dividend in the ratio 6:7 in Debt and Equity funds. If the amount reinvested in Equity Funds was Rs. 94500, what was the original amount invested in Equity Funds?

  1. A 75000 32%
  2. B 81000 42%
  3. C 60000 21%
  4. D 65000 5%
19 Attempts

Two pipes A and B separately fill a cistern in 7.5 minutes and 5 minutes respectively and third pipe C can empty 14 litres per minute. If all the pipes are opened when the cistern is full , it is emptied in one hour. How many litres does the cistern hold?

  1. A 10 20%
  2. B 40 40%
  3. C 30 33%
  4. D 20 7%
1 Thanks 15 Attempts

Is people are getting emails as a referral confirmation?

  1. A YES 19%
  2. B NO 81%
1 Thanks 94 Attempts 3 Comments
pratibha patnaik 1 day ago
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