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Quantitative Aptitude

General and topic-specific discussions on quants

Most asked question in Joblana Test (JL Test) and AMCAT -

In a dairy farm, 40 cows eat 40 bags of husk in 40 days. In how many days one cow will eat one bag of husk?

  1. A 1 60%
  2. B 40 20%
  3. C 20 20%
  4. D 26 0%
5 Attempts

Joblana Test (JL Test) quant sample paper question -

When Saurav was born, his mother Lakshmi was 24 years old. When Saurav turned 50, his mother was still alive. In these 50 years how many times was Lakshmis age divisible by Sauravs age?
(Assume that the number that denotes the age of a person is always an integer.)

  1. A 6 0%
  2. B 7 0%
  3. C 8 0%
  4. D 12 0%
Mohammed S 5 hours ago
Every month it happens!!

can we leave anyone of the 3 sections..for example-solving" logical & verbal and leaving quants.."for written test?

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Mohammed S 5 hours ago
No!! All are mandatory
sri alekya Sunkara 6 hours ago

how to preparefor virtusa????????????pls tell me guys it has been 2 yearsin my job search plsssssssssssssss

Vaskuri.Venkata Durga Prasad 1 hour ago
package for virtusa is how much ?
Pramee Prameela 5 hours ago

need model questions of TCS Aptitude , email writting, c-mcq and coding.... please anyone can one can send me in my mail I'd ..m.anwesha17@gmail.com

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sri alekya Sunkara 8 hours ago
Sàsî_løvély_bøy 19 hours ago
Work = Men * Days
W= 12(A+B)..................[1]
W= 16(B+C)..................[2]
W= 5A+7B+13C............[3]
3 Equations 3 Variables
Equating [1] & [3]
Equating [1]&[2]
Multiplying [4] by 3 and [5]by 13,
39C = 21A+15B
39C = 65A-117B
Comparing both equations we get,
In eqn [4],
13C =7(3B)+5B
13C =26B
C = 2B
In equation 1,
W= 12(A+B)
W= 12(3B+B)
W =48B
C =2B
W = C*Days
48B =2B*Days
Days =24
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