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Verbal Ability

General and topic-specific discussions on verbal section

My apologies to all. I couldn't find time to post words for two days. Lemme post it all now. Our first word: Inimical Meaning: Tending to harm or obstruct; hostile. Sentence: The trade-gilds or secret societies, which were then, as now, often inimical to the government. And, the second word: Procrustean Sentence: Enforcing uniformity or conformity without regard to natural variation or individuality. So, be the word for today: Replete. Meaning: filled or well supplied with something. Sentence: The memorial of this excellent woman is short but, replete with instructions. Morning Everybody, Have a Fabulous Friday!!! 🙂🙃🙂  

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Hallo Guys! In today's Daily Dose, we are seeing the word 'Melancholy'. Very easy to find its meaning from the picture, indeed! Start commenting your sentences. Let's learn and grow mutually! Happy Learning!

dimple kapadiya 12 minutes ago
it means joyless
sentence : she felt a littel milancholy.

word : Poise Meaning : graceful and elegant bearing in a person or Right weight

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Preethi 17 hours ago
Her poise stature was considered as her trademark trait.

Hola, In today's Daily Dose, you are given the word 'Contemporary'. I'm sure that it's a fairly common word and the meaning is easy to find. So, get on with our routine and comment the sentence. Happy Learning!

S.D.Brite 12 hours ago
Kambar & Vyasar are the contemporary poets of the great epics of India.😊

word : Awkward Meaning : causing difficulty, hard to do or deal with.

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Maarrriiii 1 day ago
One of the most awkward jobs is painting a ceiling

Heya Guys, In today's Daily Dose, you are given the word 'Furtive'. You know the routine by now. And let's not be like Sherlock and Watson when finding the meaning of this word and let's share it with others ~ Ah! There goes the clue! Now, do your math and comment the sentence! Happy Learning!

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S.D.Brite 12 hours ago
Being furtive, sometimes hurts our conscience.😊

Word : fragile article Meaning : easily broken or damaged

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Suhani Jain 2 days ago
Her fractured arm became a fragile article later.

Challenge for the day: Karan lives _____________ chennai __________ 1994 ________ 6/307-1 __________ Barathi nagar, when he Has joined ________ assistant manager ______________ State Bank of India. Team: We Are GROOT College: Sri Krishna college of Technology, Coimbatore

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Karthik Raja S 14 hours ago
In since at in as in
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