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Verbal Ability

General and topic-specific discussions on verbal section

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Saakshi 3 months ago
These skills are also important

In TCS interview pattern..for the case of e-mail writing can we change the tense of given phrase and can we change the order of the given phrases ??

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Aman Giri 2 hours ago
no. just use the phrase in given sequence.

how to prepare for infosys aptitude test is there any tricks to prepare ....anyone whose experienced infosys written test plz suggest me to prepare......... 7416618812 watts up num , suggest me anyone....

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Rs 6 days ago
ok tq i mean to ask the same what u said

someone please help me with this question Honesty, integrity and being intelligent (1)/are the qualities which (2)/we look for when(3)/we interview applicants. (4)/No error (5)

sarala 2 days ago
it should be intelligence

Malnourishment of Indian children is mostly due to traditional taboos______with certain vital foods, and due to their ______.

  1. A containing, unavailability 18%
  2. B embraced, locality 18%
  3. C associated, scarcity 38%
  4. D raised, nutrition 16%
  5. E inserted,quality 10%
50 Attempts

Fill in the blanks with suitable options :
As night _________in the heights of the mountains, Ramesh could not ________ anything.

  1. A fell, see 38%
  2. B darkened, view 35%
  3. C rose, admire 15%
  4. D dove, perceive 13%
  5. E became, get 0%
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Uma Uma 7 days ago
A fell ,see

Spot the error in the following sentence: Through her efforts (1)/ she manage to (2)/ open several institutions to (3)/ help the downtrodden. (4)/ No Error (5)

  1. A 1 21%
  2. B 2 44%
  3. C 3 18%
  4. D 4 6%
  5. E 5 12%
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Abhishek Pandit 7 days ago
She managed to should be the right sentence so the answer is 2.

What is meant by Altercation? Can you explain it by any root words.

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Gayatri Vohra 9 days ago
Altercation is having an argument in the public.

When do we use PRACTISE and PRACTICE ?

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Kranthi G 9 days ago
PRACTISE is a verb and PRACTICE is a noun.
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