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AGC Networks

Bharath kumar 3 months ago
pls share me study material or previous papers questions for infosys referral drive for mail 7bharath8@gmail.com
kotha navitha 4 months ago
can anyone send me TCS material plzzz my email:Navitha401@gmail.com
associate software engineer
AGC Networks

firsr round was gd thy were only slcting 1 prsn frm it after ths thr was technical test i have cleared it after ths thr was one more wrttn bt no one slctd...

Overall Experience Negative
Difficulty Level Hard
Selection Status No Offer
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what was the topic of gd

AnYone has any query related to TCS written exam pattern and what kind of questions are coming and all can WhatsApp m

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satish k 6 months ago
pranav Kumar , bro ur help is required plz help.!!
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