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Rahul Moorkoth 12 hours ago
I am in Bangalore and ready to go Trivandrum if needed.

i applied for MAQ through cocubes and got this e-mail. would you guyz please help me what type of questions are asked in this test?

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Vinay Sharma 1 day ago
I got the same
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Nidhi Sabre 2 days ago
no written test ?
vijay 4 days ago
r u Applied for hexaware and got any details?
Neeraj Gill 3 days ago
To prepare what ? Apti or core subjects?

Is it ABC training institute is good to join for mechanical engineering?? I am a mechanical engineer graduate thats y.

sivaramireddy vemannagari 2 days ago

Best it training and hire centers in chennai

  1. A Qspider Vadapalani 28%
  2. B Amitysoft technology 19%
  3. C Qspider chrompet 30%
  4. D Arich infotech 10%
  5. E STC chennai 14%
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BHAVADHARINI jas 5 days ago
Will it b useful
LUKA BETHALA 7 days ago
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