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Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp (CTS) is an American multinational corporation that provides custom information technology, consulting, and business process outsourcing services.Originally founded as an in-house technology unit of Dun & Bradstreet in 1994, Cognizant started serving external clients in 1996.

Founder : Kumar Mahadeva, Francisco D'Souza

CEO : Francisco D'Souza

Founded : January 26, 1994

Headquarters : Teaneck, New Jersey, United States

can someone tell me how to clear 1st round in cts ? If u have any materials for CTS please send me . mail id : preethi.qta@gmail.com

Mupparaju Lakshmi Kumari 10 hours ago
please forward the mail of CTS and materials to mlakshmi5797@gmail.com

Past Days I received a lot of links for CTS java/dot net role .I applied through.is it possible tht the link is true and drive gonna happen?

Sangavi Ezhil 3 days ago
do u hve any xprnce?
Murari. Deepika 13 hours ago
link for cts registration

hello, I received my offer letter from cognizant and it said that after accepting the offer it will redirect me to bgv portal and then to onboarding process. but when I accepted the offer after location preferences it didn't took me to bgv rather onboarding process was there. I want to know if this is how it works? I'm not able to access my bgv portal neither c2c login is working. please reply. thanks

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ABHINAY 5 hours ago
after how many days you got login details.

is there anyone who is attending cognizant off campus technical interview on 23rd june?? I want to know whether is it just technical or technical+coding round??

in which place

Can any one have techical interview questions for cognizant technical round? please send me any one have...

Please share the questions for Cognizant technical round for Software Analyst Trainee post. Is there any language boundation that all the answers should be in C, C++, Java?? Can we use Python?

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abirami 3 days ago

This year how long it is taking to get an offer letter from cts after getting results???

Ayushi Garg 3 days ago
please share your experience
Ananya Bahl 13 days ago
sorry.. not aware
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