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Speed Maths

Registration Link for the Free Intensive Speed Maths Workshop - https://goo.gl/ccHZcr Most of you told us that you are struggling with aptitude tests and that's the reason for you not being able to get placed. When we dug a little deeper, we understood that this is because you take too much time to solve each problem. In most aptitude rounds, you will get less than a minute to get the correct answer. In this week's live class, we will ensure that we improve your calculation speed and accuracy by 4X. We will teach you the best possible shortcuts and approaches to solve the Aptitude problems asked in the first round of placement drives. Date: 24th May [Thursday], Time: 7 PM. Register here to book your seat - https://goo.gl/ccHZcr *Register even if you feel that you will not be able to attend the session due to semester exams/internships. We will send you a recorded version of the session.

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Aayush Yogi 3 days ago
@ananya It is for one and a half an hour... It is given in the link...see
Prakhar 8 hours ago
Testpot.com/ Hitbullseye.com

A train travelling at 60 kmph crosses a man in 6 seconds. What is the length of the train?

  1. A 100meters 50%
  2. B 75meters 25%
  3. C 78.5meters 13%
  4. D 120meters 13%
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chaitra kakathkar 5 days ago
Solution: Speed in m/sec = 60 *(5/18) = 50/3 m/sec
Time taken to cross the man = 6 secs
Therefore, Distance = (50/3)* 6 = 100 meters (i.e. the length of the train)

(i) x^2 +20x + 96 = 0
(ii) y^2 + 11y + 30 = 0

  1. A A) x>= y 0%
  2. B B) y>=x 20%
  3. C C) x>y 20%
  4. D D) y>x 20%
  5. E E) Relationship between x and y cannot be formed 40%
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Prakhar 23 days ago
For Quants prepare from YouTube channel Dinesh Mighali & you can refer the book,Sarvesh k Verma,by Arihant, btw that book is my favorite you can refer any other also.
Karan Bawa 1 month ago
What company is this, for what position?

sum of all the first 'n' terms of even natural number is...........

  1. A n(n+1) 75%
  2. B n(n+2) 25%
150 Attempts

Square of difference between two numbers is 9 while the sum of squares of those two numbers is 225. What is their product?

  1. A 108 50%
  2. B 125 22%
  3. C 169 16%
  4. D 96 12%
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Guys e litmus tips and advantages. I want plz anyone one reply. I'm thankfull to u.... Im jobless. Want to become an anti social element if I dint get any job.... Plz help me I'm serious

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Bhuvaneesh 1 month ago
Elitmus is a complete crap..I haven't got even a single interview call...though I scored well over 70% in 2 sections..go for AMCAT it's worth every penny!!
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