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Speed Maths

now I am 3rd year I want to prepare gate anyone have old gate solved questions paper cse please send to this mail sweetyrosirani@gmail.com

Krishna Pathak 15 days ago
Hey ! They'll ask you to write articles, just avoid grammatical mistakes,also read about SEO.

Two trains 100 metres and 120 metres long are running in the same directions with speed of 72 km/hr and 54 km/hr. In how much time will the first train cross the second ?

  1. A 18 sec 38%
  2. B 44 sec 45%
  3. C 55 sec 17%
53 Attempts 3 Comments
Prashant Kumar 16 days ago
navyasrigopai 3 days ago

tcs results out.. I'm selected .. who got mail??

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Mayank Bhatt 22 days ago
u too nd all

find unit digit of (7^95 - 3^58). if know the ans than plz explain it.

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Lingutla Sowmya 26 days ago
if u can't remember cyclicity concepts wt ever no. may be divide it's power by 4 and take remainder
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