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Kaira Samma 2 minutes ago

Hey guys! We know there are students in this forum who are from different branches of engineering or other degrees. We want to help each one of you in reaching the heights you desire.
We have mentioned few categories below. Please select the one you are interested in. If you do not belong to any of these, please mention in comments what you aspire to become and pursue. We will try to help you out!

  1. A Core Companies 45%
  2. B Bank exams 10%
  3. C IT/ITES 30%
  4. D GATE/GRE 11%
  5. E CAT/MAT/GMAT 4%
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Chandra Ram 4 hours ago
core companies in computer science

Did anyone got joining letter from Hyderabad location?

  1. A yes 14%
  2. B still waiting 86%
7 Attempts

Have you got the mail from infosys who registered on 20th Feb?

  1. A yes 8%
  2. B no 92%
12 Attempts

I got this but nothing regard test details and it says BPO job ?? really . give suggestion

Prakhar 54 minutes ago
I guess your referrer referred you for wrong position 😂

Does anyone from chennai region got your joining date??

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Deepa Ram 2 hours ago
yu got~?
deepali 1 hour ago
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