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Hi guys!! The TATA ELXSI drive that is to be held tomorrow in Chennai and Pune is canceled due to the sudden demise of our former Prime Minister of India Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Further details regarding the drive dates will be informed soon.

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Parvathi yellapu 2 hours ago
OMG is that true!!

Register here:https://goo.gl/5oxTZJ for free LIVE Class on overview of TCS Ninja Mock questions - on 16th August @ 8:00 PM TCS has released an official mock test for the TCS Ninja Recruitment. Our expert, Mr. Pandhalaraja will break down the mock test pattern and aptitude questions during this live session. He will also discuss about the standard and the advanced sections of the TCS Ninja Recruitment. This session is a must-attend for you if you are serious about cracking the TCS Ninja recruitment. Limited Seats Only. Register now - https://goo.gl/5oxTZJ

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Nidhi Tyagi 9 hours ago
link is not working, I'm not able to enter mobile number while registeration.
Nishant Sahu 8 hours ago
payment showing failed? how to register for batch 3

Anyone have wipro(apps+coding) material and please send me at anto7tony7@gmail.com. And thanks 😊

Can anyone tell me privious TCS questions help me upcoming tcs on campus drive??

Which company should i go for ? #walkin #bangalore eMudhra or SLK Software Services Pvt Ltd ?

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K.Sri Chaitanya 10 minutes ago
first understand which profile are you going to willing to work. then only opt for the best companies in the industry bcoz if ur going to work in small then it is not going to add value

hai guys , anyone preparing for capegemini off campus at Visakhapatnam? if any one preparing plz help me how to prepare for description test?

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Vaskuri.Venkata Durga Prasad 4 hours ago
bro the drive has canceled

can i have any concept related materials for placement drives ahead?

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