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What is meant by Altercation? Can you explain it by any root words.

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Gayatri Vohra 9 days ago
Altercation is having an argument in the public.

Hello everyone! Recently watched some Tv shows like 1. Black Mirror, 2. Band of Brothers, 3. Breaking Bad 4. Person of Interest etc. As usual, you may question......why one should share all these things here? The main objective was to increase vocabulary while enjoying the correct implementation and context usage of it. I have initiated the documentation of all these rich vocabulary content. I will share them here too. In favor, all I need is your active the participation. Are up for this? If you have any better idea do let me know.

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Sahira bhanu.G 11 days ago

Meaning of the phrase "Master of the roster":

  1. A Criminal 26%
  2. B Cynosure 24%
  3. C Gullible 23%
  4. D Chief Justice 27%
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Nivya 16 days ago
Baited denotes criticism and bated denotes diminished or reduced.
Eg : The students baited the new- comer.
His curiosity bated when things were revealed.

In verbal section, I feel Synonyms and antonyms are very difficult for me..Do you have any solution to solve this problem? Because in many companies they ask vocabulary.. Help me FACE

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Katiki Sai Krishna 22 days ago
U can learn this "root words" by typing it in Google and u vl get all the information needed

Really very good to learn and shortcuts was very useful.

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What is the synonym of Sacrilege?

Please explain an easy way of solving such questions.

  1. A Dishonour 46%
  2. B Honour 23%
  3. C Respect 19%
  4. D Polite 12%
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Prakhar 30 days ago
One way to get through them is Improve your vocab, no other short notice cut
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