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can anyone help me out to prepare for syntel hackathon.I have interview on saturday.

any off campus drives in Hyderabad pls share links

ramunaik banavath 1 day ago
M.sc eligible this job

should java required for ece students in technical interview&in written test?

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Abhishek Pandit 2 days ago
Not necessarily. But its good to know java... It will be an added advantage

Is there anyone who didn't recieve offer leter from cognizant after getting shortlisted mail after interview??

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Roshni Kumari 2 days ago

Hello can anyone tell what types of question CTS is asking during the technical interview. As I from mechanical stream. Please tell how yo prepare for that.

Pushpa Ramanadham 3 days ago
It's dependents on your resume and academic projects..

how to write amcat exam. how many times conduct the exams for month

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Vijay Raman 3 days ago
It is conducted twice in weekends.. either the first and third weekend or the second and fourth.

Hi guys, I have completed my Hr round in cognizant off campus on March 19th. I have signed in Hr application by reading terms and conditions.. After 1 hour one of the Hr came and said u can leave for the day.. What that's means, if any one knows about that please reply...

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Pushpa Ramanadham 4 days ago
share the registration link
Prakhar 4 days ago
Cocubes sucks

It means is this only for Geetanjali college students or for all.

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sritha 5 days ago
2017 are eligible??
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