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Group Discussion

Did anyone is attending the Infosys drive on 23 March? Or anyone attended it on 10 March ? will you please share your experience ..

can someone help me with what kind of questions is going to be asked in Bosch for civil engineering?

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Diksha Jaiswal 2 hours ago

plz provide me that,what GD topics asks in FACE ACADEMY interview?

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S.D.Brite 15 hours ago
For associate trainers, the gd topics will be....

Education system in Tamil nadu

Happiest moment in ur life

Funniest moment in ur life

Water issue between states....

Land issue between countries....

these r some of the topics, that I got from gd....while I m attending recruitement for associate trainer post....👍😊

Hi friends, I had an doubt about exam timing my exam timing is @march24 is 8.30am if it compulsory to reach exam center before that time!! when the exam will start???... .

ranjith 11 hours ago
i hv test on 24th march... tel me anyone MLR pattern

Hi friends, How to crack Infosys written exam?? please suggest me some ideas and tricks.. please share your experience!! I have no idea about these exam my exam is on march24...

Suhasini Parvatikar 1 day ago
k thanks
Vineeth Vara 1 day ago
No,may b by this weekend
Vineeth Vara 2 days ago
section1:Most of the questions are syllogysm,data interpretation

Section2:Concentrate more on probability,arrangements,crypoarthimatic and number series(U may reach cut-off with these topics)

Section3:2reading comprehension:1 Easy,1 hard(u can score 5/5 in easy Rc)

Sentence completion is very easy(do lot of practice)

INFOSYS UPDATE: I have just called a hr.. She said that the mail which we received with login details has nothing do with our results and results ll be out by this weekend. Fingers Crossed

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ajith 1 day ago
@ Sivachandran , pls send the material bro, if u have anything.
Naveen 3 days ago
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