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Group Discussion

Hi guys, is infosys test is hard ?/ do we get the test results in same day for the next round ? /

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Shruti Tapare 2 hours ago
Thank you
Prakash Karri 9 hours ago
July 1st vignan
Raghul raghunathan 14 hours ago
yes I too got it
Sanket Thakkar 12 hours ago
Yah i got yesterday 12:30
Pooja Kale 10 hours ago

i had my infosys test yesterday...so when will the result declared???and when will be the interview ..off campus

Prateek Wadhwa 1 day ago
yes i got the mail yestrday
vikas patel 1 day ago
ya...I got it.

Is Renew company campus pool will be there at D.Y. Patil College of Engineering on 24th june?? any D.Y. Patil student know this ??

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