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Do you think that the Resume matters in the HR interview round?

  1. A Yes 85%
  2. B No 15%
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sandeep 3 hours ago
Any free resume websites pls..

can anyone suggest me the proper resume format

Suruthy 5 hours ago
please send it for me too...

hello friends 😍😘 today topic is "why skilled Indian youth still employed"? Ans: some students completed his btech from top engineering colleges.after unsuccessfully looking for an engineering job for over a year, they began starting preparation for bank po exam .today they are qualified engineers but works in non tech field Pune based Chirag Yadav faced similar problems after passing engineer the college had promised campus placement at time of admission but it didn't keep their words companies not need tech inputs only but have to understand business domain to deliver value with inadequate facilities it is not surprising that the students who passed out of such institute are ill equipped to deal with demand of jobs but they are jobless

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Diksha Mehta 19 days ago
I've heard a recent survey claiming that almost 90% of the engineering grads are unemployable as they lack basic core knowledge... I blame it on our educational system. It spoils our students by spoon feeding them and encouraging them to by-heart everything. This is what is making our grads not fit for employment
Vedant Nori 2 months ago
3 rounds- aptitude, tech and HR round. The questions will be from the basics of your subject... You'll get your offer letter within a week or two

I have less than 60 % in 12 .Any good companies to join

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Gayatri Vohra 2 months ago
60% is the minimum cutoff of many good companies. There are few companies that has their min eligibility criteria as 55%. I dunno the names right now... but follow the job updates profile... They post regular updates.

anyone knows about E-clinical works recruitment and what is the procedure of it??

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aiman 2 months ago
@ Mokshit Jain
Can u provide d link hea

A noob question.For those who have attended the Infosys interview , Do the HRs already have our resume or is there any possibility that they do look at our resume before we attend the interview?'Cause i want make some changes to my resume.

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Sivachandran Kabilan 3 months ago
DI similar to this but Data with some shapes of cube cuboids sphere rectangle and also with colours.

any mechanical orientated jobs there? I have 1 year experienced in tvs rubber industries madurai. now I search the job. plz refer

sai kumar 3 months ago
Can I know why are you leaving TVS rubber industries.
Any Kor 4 months ago
I don't no
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