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A noob question.For those who have attended the Infosys interview , Do the HRs already have our resume or is there any possibility that they do look at our resume before we attend the interview?'Cause i want make some changes to my resume.

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Sivachandran Kabilan 2 days ago
DI similar to this but Data with some shapes of cube cuboids sphere rectangle and also with colours.

any mechanical orientated jobs there? I have 1 year experienced in tvs rubber industries madurai. now I search the job. plz refer

sai kumar 7 days ago
Can I know why are you leaving TVS rubber industries.
Any Kor 1 month ago
I don't no
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pagolu susmitha 1 month ago
really useful session. need more....

how to make an ideal resume for Freshers?

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can i include infographics on my resume ?

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Arvind Ragunathan 1 month ago
You can. As long as you do it right. Anything you do to help your resume look easy to read for the interviewer (basically making his / her job easy) will be beneficial to you.

Can we update our resume before interview or not?

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Kandhasan 1 month ago
Yes, you can !

In resume area of interest as my mechanical subject is that right? for TCS off campuse commune 2017 pass out batch

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Prakhar 1 month ago
Just make it Mathematics & Heat transfer or HT & OR. 2 are enough

Should I include Photo in Resume? Is it necessary?

Prakhar 1 month ago
Well, its a question which is subjected to a great debate. It can be a good, mixed , bad idea depending on what you are applying for. The typical answer would be an Emphatic 'No' unless you a model /actor .The raison detre behind this is to protect employers from the accusation of discrimination on the basis of race, weight, gender, age, looks, attractiveness, style bla bla bla... So yeah thats why
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