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HUAWEI Technologies,Pattern ,procedure,platform,Any idea and suggestioms?

HUAWEI Technologies,Pattern ,procedure,platform,Any idea and suggestioms?

Did anyone is attending the Infosys drive on 23 March? Or anyone attended it on 10 March ? will you please share your experience ..

can someone help me with what kind of questions is going to be asked in Bosch for civil engineering?

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Diksha Jaiswal 2 hours ago
Suraj Kashyap 2 hours ago
it's a on campus drive

Hey guys, what's all about this #MakeIndiaEmployed campaign and Aptipedia?

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Samaksh Agarwal 2 hours ago
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XBwY0bI4OQ I watched this and now it made some sense. I owe you face prep. I got a job cos of this place and i would definitelty support and it is disheartening to see ony 500 people have supported so far. #Isupport #MakeIndiaemployed
Sharma A Man 2 hours ago
Rejection walo k paas login id wala mail aaya tha kya??
Mahathi maruvada 1 hour ago
is passport mandatory for interview process

has anybody from 2017 batch got the call letter from dxc technology?

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Swati Prakash 3 hours ago
Hey where did dxc technology drive happen?
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