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Is there anyone who is working in LNTECC and is from Mechanical engineering branch ? Please tell me about the work culture of the company and kind of job for mechanical engineer...

You can apply at the given link. I don't really know the drive date. it's for QA Engineer position.


Akamai Technologies Off Campus


Akamai Technologies . Off Campus

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Software Development Engineer
GGK Technologies

The first round was Aptitude and technical questions.. Second round they gave coding questions.. Third round was hr as well as technical interview..

Overall Experience Positive
Difficulty Level Medium
Selection Status No Offer
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Can someone post the most asked TCS questions here?

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Manasvi Reddy 11 hours ago
I found this

anyone tell me how to get job in top consulting companies like:-bcg,bain,mickensey if I am belonging from chemical engineering background in nit jalandhar.

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Mitali Sankar 11 hours ago
More than your branch your Aptitude for any job matters. Look at what are the requirements of this job. What skill sets are required etc. Then you will understand how to prepare.

What is the antonym of facile?

  1. A Quick 13%
  2. B Simple 15%
  3. C Obvious 28%
  4. D Complicated 44%
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Kritika Sharma 12 hours ago
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xaptain 32 seconds ago
very helpful thanks face prep team
keep posting such wonderful articles

Albert and Bob working separately can do a piece of work in 8 and 12 days respectively. If they work for a day alternatively. Albert starts the work in the beginning, in how many days the work will be completed?

  1. A 11 Days 10%
  2. B 9 Days 14%
  3. C 9 1/2 Days 69%
  4. D 7 Days 7%
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Hi guys.. Let's learn 2 new words everyday to prepare for the Vocabulary section. Initiative by me!

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