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Hello FACE Preppers!

There's an exciting announcement for you guys! FACE Prep is coming up with a 'Within One Weekend Series' (WOWS) to help you guys excel in aptitude. The first chapter of this WOWS is an Intensive Speed Maths Workshop !

As you guys know, we have been conducting free webinars to help you guys with placements. During these classes, most of you had expressed a major concern that you know how to solve problems but you end up wasting a lot of time on a few problems and you don't even have time to read or solve the rest of the problems. We understand that this is a huge problem and we want to help you address it. That's why we have come up with a WOWS Intensive Live Workshop on Speed Maths on this Weekends [ 26th & 27th May ] at 10 AM to 5 PM which will help you increase your speed at least by 4X in Placements Drives of companies and employment assessment exams like TCS, Infosys, CTS, AMCAT etc and crack the most scrutinizing and competitive aptitude round.

By the end of this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Maintain a balance between computational speed and accuracy.
  • Solve the problems efficiently and proactively under pressure.
  • overcome the time management issues that you face during the competitive aptitude tests of the companies and employment assessment organizations like TCS, CTS, Infosys, Accenture, AMCAT, eLitmus, CoCubes, etc.

Join this 12-hour WOWS workshop using the link - https://goo.gl/1YK9XH - and crack Quantitative Aptitude with ease!

To know how this course would be and to learn few of the shortcut techniques, register and join this free webinar - https://goo.gl/ccHZcr .

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Praveen C.K. 10 hours ago

Registration Link for the Free Intensive Speed Maths Workshop - https://goo.gl/ccHZcr Most of you told us that you are struggling with aptitude tests and that's the reason for you not being able to get placed. When we dug a little deeper, we understood that this is because you take too much time to solve each problem. In most aptitude rounds, you will get less than a minute to get the correct answer. In this week's live class, we will ensure that we improve your calculation speed and accuracy by 4X. We will teach you the best possible shortcuts and approaches to solve the Aptitude problems asked in the first round of placement drives. Date: 24th May [Thursday], Time: 7 PM. Register here to book your seat - https://goo.gl/ccHZcr *Register even if you feel that you will not be able to attend the session due to semester exams/internships. We will send you a recorded version of the session.

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Aayush Yogi 3 days ago
@ananya It is for one and a half an hour... It is given in the link...see
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VEENA MISAR 1 minute ago
anyone is having study material?

My apologies to all. I couldn't find time to post words for two days. Lemme post it all now. Our first word: Inimical Meaning: Tending to harm or obstruct; hostile. Sentence: The trade-gilds or secret societies, which were then, as now, often inimical to the government. And, the second word: Procrustean Sentence: Enforcing uniformity or conformity without regard to natural variation or individuality. So, be the word for today: Replete. Meaning: filled or well supplied with something. Sentence: The memorial of this excellent woman is short but, replete with instructions. Morning Everybody, Have a Fabulous Friday!!! 🙂🙃🙂  

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Has anyone received joining letter for TCS 2018 campus hired batch?

Shall I post job offers reffered by company HR/Employee. I donno how genuine those are.. But still if u wanna give it a try I ll post those updates. Openning a poll to check it out. If you have suggestions, do comment below. POLL RESULTS WILL BE TAKEN AFTER 48 HRS.

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Shruti Tapare 7 hours ago
it really helps

does anyone have infosys previous years papers ? i have offcampus drive next week.if anyone has pls send it to this email gvspavankumar1996@gmail.com

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Sivachandran Kabilan 7 hours ago
Check ur inbox ✌
Rima 8 hours ago
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