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Accenture Communication Assessment Test Pattern & Sample Questions | Face Prep

Published on 28 Mar 2020

Accenture has started conducting its on-campus recruitment for 2020 batch across the nation. As a part of this recruitment, the first round is Accenture communication assessment. In this article, we will be discussing the Accenture communication test pattern and syllabus.

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Accenture Communication Assessment Pattern

This is the first round of Accenture online test. Accenture communication assessment focuses on testing the communication skills of candidates. Here are some important details to note regarding this assessment.

  • Accenture communication test consists of 6 sections in total.
  • Every section has multiple questions and each question is asked by a different speaker (pre-recorded).Questions are asked orally and no text is displayed (except for the first section).
  • You need to orally answer every question.
  • You will be given 20-30 seconds to answer a question.
  • Next question will be asked immediately after the present one. In other terms, Questions are asked continuously without a break.
  • If you want, you can take a break between sections.

Now, here is a summary of these 6 sections in Accenture communication assessment 2019.

accenture communication assessment

Section 1: Reading

  • Number of questions: 8
  • Type of questions: Sentences

In this round, you will be given (displayed) a set of 8 sentences in the textual format on the screen. You are supposed to read them out aloud. For every sentence, you are given a window of 20-30 seconds of duration. This round focuses on testing your reading ability.

Points to note:

  • There are numbered sentences given. You will hear a sentence number and then you are supposed to read aloud the corresponding sentence. (The sentences were asked to read aloud in order one by one continuously with no breaks in between.)
  • Certain sentences will have punctuation marks.
  • All sentences will have easy structure and basic words.

Section 2: Listening

Number of questions: 16

In this section, a sentence is spoken. You are supposed to repeat the sentence as it is. This section focuses on testing your listening ability. So carefully grab the sentences and replicate them to score well.

Section 3: Q&A

Number of questions: 24

In this section, simple questions are asked for which you should reply in a word or two. The questions will be very simple and basic in nature. Answering these questions without too much of thinking will help you do a good job.

Important things to note:

  • Questions are asked orally and no text will be displayed.
  • You need to answer orally.

Some sample questions are:

1) You drink water from?

Ans) a bottle

2) John is excited to meet his boss. Is he happy or is he sad?

Ans) Happy

3) What organ pumps blood?

Ans) Heart

Section 4: Jumbled sentences

Number of questions: 10

In this section, you will be given jumbled sentences and you will have to form the right sentences. This section will focus on testing your ability to quickly apply your knowledge.

Section 5: Retelling a story

Number of questions: 3

In this section, a small story is narrated. You are supposed to speak what you remember from the story and retell the story, the characters involved, incident


For example:

One of the stories I retained:
It was a stormy day. Billy was worried about his pet cat which was on the tree.His mom told that the cat would be fine. Once the storm ceased, Billy went outand checked on the cat. The cat came running to him. Billys mom was right.


  • A story will be narrated. After the narration, a small beep will play.
  • In the window of 30 seconds, you are supposed to speak what you retain.
  • Once 30 seconds is completed, another beep will play and the next narration will start.

Section 6: Speaking

In this section, you will be given two questions or topics and you will have to speak for about a minute or more. Once you have finished answering the first question, the second question will be asked with a window of 30 seconds. 

For example:

“Would you spend your weekend working or relaxing? Justify”

“Where would you prefer to work, in a noisy environment or in a room of complete silence, and why?”

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