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Accenture Verbal Questions | Accenture Verbal Ability Questions 2019 - FACE Prep

Published on 13 Nov 2018

Accenture Verbal Questions come from short reading Comprehension Passages, Vocabulary, and Grammar. They are easy to solve and the answers can be easily found in the passages. The total time allotted for this section is 20 minutes.

Accenture Verbal Questions - Pattern

A total of 20 Accenture Verbal Questions are expected to be solved in 20 mins. Check the complete Accenture Test Pattern here.

Some important things you need to know about Accenture online test pattern 2019

  • There is no negative marking in Accenture online test.
  • If Accenture conducts its online test using Meritrac platform, then you will have the option to skip or answer a question later.
  • There is sectional cutoff and hence you need to concentrate on all three sections.

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Accenture Verbal Questions - Syllabus

The syllabus for Accenture Verbal Questions is given below. The syllabus has been taken based on the questions that appeared in recent and previous year Accenture placement papers. Accenture syllabus for Verbal Ability section is given below.

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Sentence Correction and completion
  • Para-jumbles

Accenture Amcat syllabus is given below and it is slightly different.

  • Vocabulary
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Contextual Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Error Identification
  • Sentence Improvement and Construction
  • Reading Comprehension

Accenture Verbal Questions - Previously asked

1. Choose the option which can be substituted for the given words:

“Very high-spirited; full of cheerfulness or enthusiasm”

A.) Eccentric   B.)Eburnean    C.) Sporting    D.) Ebullient


Option D

Ebullient – Overflowing with enthusiasm and excitement.


Eccentric – Deviating from the norm. 

Eburnean – As white as ivory/Made of ivory

Sporting – Exhibiting Sportsmanship

Choose the option to fill in the blanks.

2. When her illness took a turn for the worse, the doctors took _____________ to ____________ the situation.

A.) steps, ameliorate 

B.)approaches, better 

C.) modes, improve

D.) measures, enhance


Option A.

Ameliorate means ‘took steps to improve’

3. The public relations agency ______________ out all the stops to ensure a ______________ attendance at the gala.

A.) gave, phenomenal

B.) took, marvelous

C.) pulled, spectacular

D.) forked, staggering


Option C.

The idiom ‘pulled out all the stops’ means ‘To make every possible effect’

4. Choose the best antonym for ‘lament’

A.) Grief       B.) Blue       C.) Celebrate       D.) Being Optimistic


Option C.

Lament means to express grief and sorrow.

5. Identify the right indirect speech form of the given sentence.

I said, “Put your guns down or I will shoot you.” to the Army Personnel.

A.) I asked the Army Personnel to put his guns down or I will shoot them

B.) I asked the Army Personnel to put their gun down or I would shoot them.

C.) I asked the Army Personnel to put his/ her guns down or I would shoot him/ her

D.) I said to the Army Personnel to put her guns down or I would shoot her.


Option C.

  • Since the gender of the army personnel cannot be determined from the given statement, it should be mentioned as his/ her. One cannot under any circumstances assume the gender.
  • Will is changed to would in indirect speech if the sentence is mentioned in past tense like in ‘I said’
  • The number of noun remains the same in direct and indirect speech. Hence, using guns instead of a gun is a mistake.

6Identify the set of words which are similarly related

Routine: unusual

A.) Elucidate: Clear

B.) Exaggerate: aggravate

C.) Illuminate: darken

D.) Progressive: aggressive


Option C.

Routine and unusual are words which have opposite meaning.

Similarly, Illuminate and darken have opposite meaning.

7. Arrange the following sentences so that the paragraph makes sense

  1. 1971 war changed the political geography of the subcontinent.
  2. Despite the significance of the event. There has been no serious book about the conflict.
  3. Surrender at Dacca aims to fill this gap.
  4. It also profoundly altered the geo-strategic situation in South-East Asia.

A.) 1324

B.) 3142

C.) 2143

D.) 1423


Option D.

8. Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow,

Environmental toxins which can affect children are frighteningly commonplace. Besides lead, there are other heavy metals such as mercury, which is found frequently in fish, that are spewed into the air from coal-fired power plants, says Maureen Swanson, MPA, director of the Healthy Children Project at the Learning Disabilities Association of America. Mercury exposure can impair children‘s memory, attention, and language abilities and interfere with fine motor and visual spatial skills. A recent study of school districts in Texas showed significantly higher levels of autism in areas with elevated levels of mercury in the environment. ―Researchers are finding harmful effects at lower and lower levels of exposure, says Swanson. ―They‘re now telling us that they don‘t know if there‘s a level of mercury that‘s safe. Unfortunately, some of these chemicals make good flame retardants and have been widely used in everything from upholstery to televisions to children‘s clothing. Studies have found them in high levels in household dust, as well as in breast milk. Two categories of these flame retardants have been banned in Europe and are starting to be banned by different states in the United States. The number of toxins in our environment that can affect children may seem overwhelming at times. On at least some fronts, however, there is progress in making the world a cleaner place for kids—and just possibly, reducing the number of learning disabilities and neurological problems.With a number of efforts to clean up the environment stalled at the federal level, many state governments are starting to lead the way.And rather than tackle one chemical at a time, at least eight states are considering plans for comprehensive chemical reform bills, which would take toxic chemicals off the market.

1. “Besides lead, there are other heavy metals such as mercury, which are found frequently in fish, that are spewed into the air from coal-fired power plants”. How can this line be worded differently?

A. Besides lead, mercury is another heavy metal which is found frequently in discarded fish cooked in coal-fired power plants.

B. Besides lead, fish contains mercury which is a heavy metal ejected in the air from power plants using coal.

C. Fish contains mercury which is released in the air as industrial waste and which is also a heavy metal like lead.

D. Mercury released in the air as industrial waste is another heavy metal like lead, found in fish.


Option D.

2. All these are harmful effect of mercury in the children EXCEPT

A. Affect driving skill

B. Causes attention deficits ordered

C. lead to neurological problems

D. Impacts ability to learn language


Option C.

3. “Researchers are finding harmful effects at a lower level of exposer “How can this line be interpreted?

A. A lower level of exposure are harmful

B. Harmful effects from exposure are becoming less intense

C. Amount of clothing has an impact on harmful effect

D. Even little exposure, can cause harm


Option D.

9. Select the word or phrase which is closest to the OPPOSITE in meaning of the bold word or phrase.

“It was universally characterized as a progressive measure.”

A.) Regressive

B.) Obstructive

C.) Retrograde

D.) Abhorrent


Option A.

10. Pick up the one which is most nearly the same in meaning as the word printed in bold and can replace it without altering the meaning of the sentence.

Instead of putting up a united front against on common enemy, the medieval states frittered away their energy in internecine warfare.

A.) Mutually Destructive

B.) Baneful

C.) Pernicious

D.) Detrimental


Option A.

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