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Amcat Exam Pattern 2019 and Syllabus for ECE, CSE, EEE & other branches

Published on 05 Nov 2019

Latest Amcat exam pattern and syllabus for ECE, CSE, EEE, Mechanical, Civil and other branches are given here.

Amcat Exam Pattern 2019

The latest Amcat exam pattern consists of 6 compulsory modules(Quantitative Ability Tech, Quantitative Ability, English Ability, Logical Ability, Information Gathering & Synthesis and Amcat Personality Inventory). Attempting these modules is mandatory for a candidate of any stream.

Apart from these, you can attempt a 2 optional modules. These optional modules can be chosen based on your field of interest.

Amcat Test Pattern (Latest)

SectionNumber of questionsTime duration
Quantitative Ability Tech1620 mins
Quantitative Ability Tech1420 mins
English Ability1818 mins
Logical Ability1215 mins
Information Gathering & Synthesis1215 mins
AMCAT Personality Inventory9020 mins
Domain-specific test (Can select any 2 modules of your choice)(based on modules you select)(based on modules you select)

Below is the list of optional modules available. Also, we have suggested modules that you can choose based on the field of interest.

Note: Check the syllabus of each module before you choose them. This will help you understand the broad topics that will be covered in that module. Check out Amcat syllabus for Amcat exam pattern 2019

Optional Modules in AMCAT Exam Pattern 2019

For the domain specific test, you need to select any 2 modules from General, Engineering or Management category shown below. AMCAT provides various options for you to select from.

General Modules available in AMCAT exam pattern 2019

SectionNumber of questionsTime duration (in minutes)
Automata Fix720 mins
Computer Science20Not Mentioned by Amcat
Fundamentals of Physics1515 mins
Fundamentals of Chemistry1815 mins
Basics of Biology2215 mins
Marketing1615 mins
Financial Accounting1515 mins
Financial & Banking Services1522 mins
Human Resources1515 mins
Operations Management1015 mins
Pharmaceutical Sciences1510 mins
Front Office Management1520 mins
House Keeping1815 mins
Culinary Skills1815 mins
Food and Beverage Service1815 mins
Basic Statistics1215 mins

Check the syllabus for General modules here - AMCAT syllabus 2019

Engineering Modules available in AMCAT exam pattern 2019

SectionNumber of questionsTime duration (in minutes)
Electronics and Semiconductors1215 mins
Telecommunications Engineering1215 mins
Electrical Engineering1215 mins
Mechanical Engineering1215 mins
Civil Engineering4025 mins
Instrumentation Engineering2520 mins
Industrial Engineering1215 mins
Production Engineering1215 mins
Metallurgical Engineering2015 mins
Chemical Engineering1215 mins
Automotive Engineering1515 mins
Petrochemical Engineering1315 mins
Aeronautical Engineering1515 mins
Paint Technology2015 mins
Polymer Engineering2015 mins
Fundamentals of Chemistry1815 mins

Check the syllabus for Engineering modules here - AMCAT syllabus 2019

Management Modules available in AMCAT exam pattern 2019

SectionNumber of questionsTime duration (in minutes)
Banking & Financial Services2220 mins
Marketing1615 mins
Human Resources (HR)1515 mins
Operations Management1520 mins

Check the syllabus for Management modules here - AMCAT syllabus 2018

Amcat Scoring Scheme

  • AMCAT doesn't have any negative marking hence it is advised to attempt all the questions.
  • The overall score for each section is scaled to 900. The points per question are based on whether the answer is correct or not and as well as the time taken per question.
  • As the overall AMCAT test is adaptive in nature, mistakes lead to easier questions (and a lower score), while correct answers would lead to tougher ones (and a higher score).

Based on interactions with 1000s of our students we have come up with a table which would help you understand the approximate score and percentile that they would score.

SectionNumber of correct answers for 75-80 %ileNumber of correct answers for 90-95%ile
English Ability9-1013-15
Quantitative Ability11-1214-15
Logical Reasoning6-79-10

This analysis is not completely accurate. It just gives you an approximate number of questions vs the percentile scored. This analysis is done based on the scores we received for

various students.

Which Amcat Module to choose?

This is the most difficult choice you need to make. You need to carefully select domain-specific modules based on your stream. This will help you get call letters from companies related to that field.

We have listed down the recommended modules based on companies eligibility criteria. For example, if you are a civil engineering graduate and you have attempted Electronics and Semiconductor Engineering module. In that case, companies based on electronics & semiconductors mostly look for ECE, EEE, E&I and related branches. So we suggest you choose modules based on our list and it will make your job hunt easier.

StreamRecommended Modules for you 
Computer ScienceAutomata Fix, Computer Science
ElectronicsElectronics and Semiconductor Engineering, Automata, Computer Programming, Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering
Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Production Engineering, Computer Programming
Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering, Automata, Electronics and Semiconductor Engineering, Computer Programming, Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Science
Electronics & InstrumentationElectronics and Semiconductor Engineering, Automata, Computer Programming, Instrumentation Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
Electronics & TelecommunicationsElectronics and Semiconductor Engineering, Automata, Computer Programming, Telecommunications Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science
CivilCivil Engineering, Computer Programming
Electronics and ElectricalElectronics and Semiconductor Engineering, Automata, Computer Programming, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Science.

How to prepare for Amcat Exam Pattern?

FACE Prep has curated resources for your Amcat exam preparation. You can check out these and start preparing for the exam now. These resources will help you understand the pattern and question types better.

Amcat Exam Pattern FAQs

1. What is the syllabus of AMCAT?

AMCAT syllabus can be accessed here

2. How many modules should I choose?

You can choose 2 optional modules

3. What is the advantage of giving 2 modules in the Amcat exam?

It will help you get more interview call letters if you score well in both the modules. For example, if you an ECE graduate and has given two modules Computer programming and Semiconductors. If you have scored well, then you are likely to get call letters from your core companies as well as IT based companies.

4. Where can I get materials to prepare for Amcat?

You can prepare from FACE Preps free Amcat materials or can also check out our comprehensive Amcat course. Finally, you can also give our free Amcat mock tests.

5. Is there any negative marking in AMCAT?

There is no negative marking in the test. The test taker is expected to answer all the questions in every module.

6. How many times can we write Amcat exam?

You can give AMCAT again after 45 days of your last attempt. There is no restriction on the number of times. But every time, you need to schedule AMCAT exam, this means you need to pay Rs. 1298/- every single time.

7. How to register for Amcat exam?

Here is the registration process for scheduling your Amcat exam

8. Is Amcat exam free?


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