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AMCAT Results, Score Report, and Feedback Report Card

Published on 06 Oct 2018

AMCAT (a 2-hour computer adaptive test) gauges the employability of candidates for various industrial sectors and job profiles. After the test, Amcat results are published.a detailed score report card is issued based on the candidates performance.

AMCAT Eligibility Report

Based on the scores attained, eligibility report is given which includes:

  1. Industry the candidate is eligible for (for e.g., BPOs, IT Service Companies, KPO Sector etc)
  2. The roles the candidate is eligible for (for e.g., customer success role, technical support executive etc)
  3. Tier of the company eligible for (top-tier or not)

A sample report based on your Amcat results is given below. This how your eligibility will be indicated based on your Amcat test scores.

amcat results - eligibility report

AMCAT Results - Score Report

AMCAT provides a detailed module-wise score report card. The score is not equal to the number of questions answered correctly. The score is calculated by an advanced statistical engine that takes into consideration

  1. The difficulty of questions answered
  2. Guess probability
  3. Time taken to attempt a question
  4. Discrimination between questions

The Amcat results score report includes the following fields.

FieldsDescriptionReport Value
Module AttemptedThe section of the test attemptedModule name ( For eg. English, Aptitude etc. )
Number of questions attemptedTotal number of questions attemptedAn integral value

NA - No/Zero attempts
ScoreThe score calculated by the advanced
statistical engine
An integral value ranging between 
<> - <>. This is a scaled score.
GradeThe grade tells where the candidate stands
amongst all the candidates who have taken AMCAT.
Reported in 3 grades - A,B and C

A - First 33%

B - Second 33%

C - Last 33%
Overall percentilePercentile amongst all the candidates 
(belonging to the same degree) Overall
percentile can be NA. NA means the percentile
is not calculated for the module.
Percentile value ( 0%- 100% )
College percentilePercentile amongst all the students in the candidate's
college who have taken in AMCAT
Percentile value (0% - 100%)

AMCAT Results - Job Match Summary

Based on the choice of the domain-specific module(s) by the candidate, AMCAT gives a job-match summary. The job match summary provides information on how likely the candidate is to be selected for a specific job profile based on his Amcat results.

amcat results score report

The chance of getting selected for a job-profile is specified as follows

  1. High
  2. Medium
  3. Low

amcat results job summary

AMCAT Results - Module wise Performance Report

AMCAT provides a birds eye view of the candidates performance in different sections of the module. The performance in each section of a module is classified as

  1. Good
  2. Average
  3. Poor

amcat results sectional analysis

If a module is not coloured (in this case module Semiconductors), it means that either the candidate has not attempted a sufficient number of questions or has not taken the module.

AMCAT also takes a step further in analysing a candidates performance at the module level and provides guidance on how to improve the score further.

A candidates module-wise percentile score is taken into consideration and represented in a meter. This helps candidates understand where they stand amongst others.

Also, few tips and guidance suggestions are given by AMCAT to improve the score.

AMCAT Results - Time Analysis Report

AMCAT Time Analysis section tells the candidate how has he/she spent the allotted time in taking AMCAT. The following graph is given to give the candidate an idea about the speed at which he/she has attempted the questions.

amcat results time analysis report

Also, the candidates speed is compare with the general population and tells whether the candidate was

  1. faster (upward facing bar) or
  2. slower (downward facing bar) or
  3. normal (no bar) at attempting questions.

In this case, as compared to the general population, the candidate was quite fast in attempting questions in Logical Ability, Computer Programming, Computer Fundamentals and Quantitative Ability(Technical).

AMCAT Results - Suggested Time Schedule Report

Based on the performance of a candidate, AMCAT suggests how much time approximately should the candidate spend on studying a particular section of a module in a week.

The bar graph shows the time a candidate should devote to each topic in a section, while the pie chart suggests how the candidate should divide his/her time across different sections.

amcat results time needed

AMCAT Job-match Report

This section is very similar to AMCAT Job-Match summary except that it provides additional information on the criteria for job selection.

This helps the candidate get a better understanding on what companies look for and where should the candidate focus on.

amcat results job match report

AMCAT Selection Comparator

The AMCAT Selection Comparator shows the minimum cut-off for every job profile (marked with lines) in each module and the candidates score, which is represented by a dot.

The candidate can compare different job profiles cutoffs with his/her score to get an idea about which profile are the candidate is eligible for.

amcat results selection comparator

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