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AMCAT Sample Papers & Model Papers with Solutions (Based on Previous Patterns)

Published on 06 Mar 2020

AMCAT – India’s largest employability test, which is often the gateway to kick-start the career for many freshers (across the different streams of graduation including B.Tech/B.E./Management etc). This article shares the details about AMCAT preparation with AMCAT sample papers & model papers.


AMCAT Exam pattern & AMCAT Syllabus

AMCAT test pattern is adaptive, i.e., the level of difficulty of the questions depends on the answer to the previous question. If you answer it right, the next question is more difficult, else the next question is easy.

AMCAT aims to test a candidate with their performance in various sections including Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Ability & English (These sections are mandatory). The candidate can choose any one or two additional Optional modules as per their educational qualification. 

Amcat sample papers and Test pattern (Latest)

Amcat is very advantageous to job seekers. To know how check this - Amcat Exam Benefits for freshers and experienced. Know more about these if you are interested and serious about cracking AMCAT exam.


Is AMCAT difficult?

It is a common misconception that AMCAT Exam is really difficult. But as mentioned earlier – it is a “misconception”. If you look at the AMCAT syllabus, the general section covers Basic Aptitude ability and English comprehension skills, which any graduate can easily crack. However, the key to being confident is - PRACTICE. It is easy to understand concepts, learn formulas & revise techniques. But the application of the same in the limited time, with accuracy, demands regular practice.

Hence, it is essential that AMCAT aspirants practice the most repeated AMCAT question patterns which have been asked in the past, along with AMCAT sample papers. Here is how you can go about preparing for Amcat.


1) Choose your Amcat optional modules carefully

The first thing you need to do right after you schedule your AMCAT Exam is to choose your optional modules. Based on the modules you choose and the score you get, you will get interview call letters from companies hiring candidates in that domain. If you are confused as to which module to choose in Amcat, then check this - Which Amcat Module to choose?

If you are a CSE graduate and you have chosen Electronics and Semiconductor Engineering module as an optional module. Let us assume that you scored 99%. Yet the number of interview call letters you will receive will still be less. This is because a lot of Electronics based companies would prefer ECE, EEE, E&I graduates over CSE graduates. So it is very important to choose the right module. So check Amcat syllabus before you choose your modules.


2) Work on Concept Building

Once you know the syllabus, then you can start building your conceptual knowledge about each of those topics. By conceptual knowledge, we mean formulas, shortcuts and tips and tricks. These will be very useful as in Amcat, Time is also a major factor.


3) Practice Previous Year Questions Section wise

Previous year Amcat questions will help you get very familiar with the type of questions asked in each section. Also, it is likely that questions of similar type would repeat in the actual exam. So it is always better to practice them in advance. We have collected a lot of Amcat sample papers questions for you. Practice these now.


3) Solve AMCAT Sample Papers

Once you have thoroughly practiced the above questions, then you start taking mock tests or solve sample papers. These will help you analyze your performance in various sections. This way you will be able to understand how much prepared you are to take the Amcat test.

Amcat Sample Papers - 1

Amcat Sample Papers - 2

Amcat Sample Papers - 3

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