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AMCAT SVAR Test Pattern, Questions and Important Tips to Answer

Published on 07 Mar 2020

AMCAT SVAR Test is a tool based communication test that evaluates a candidate's proficiency in Spoken English. This article deals with AMCAT SVAR test pattern, question types, skills assessed and important tips to ace the exam.


AMCAT SVAR Test is used by companies especially to recruit candidates for roles that require good spoken English. For example in call centers or customer success teams. Communication is a vital skill in that particular role.

The following skills are evaluated by the AMCAT SVAR test tool.

  • Pronunciation
  • Fluency
  • Intonation
  • Listening
  • Language anticipation
  • Spoken English
  • Comprehension of the language.

AMCAT SVAR uses the following technologies to accurately evaluate a candidate's English skills.The test meets international reliability standards on assessments. The assessment has a match with human raters with a correlation of over 0.95.

  • Natural Language Processing -Automatically detect content relevance, structure and grammatical errors
  • Speech Recognition -Deep learning for accurate speech transcription for various accents
  • Machine Learning -Propriety models to accurately grade pronunciation and fluency

AMCAT SVAR Test Pattern

AMCAT SVAR Test comprises of 6 sections. Each section is carefully designed to test the candidate's ability with higher accuracy.

SectionDifficulty Level
Listening DeductionsDifficult
Error IdentificationDifficult

  • Total Duration of the Test: 16 - 20 mins
  • Total Number of Questions: 45 mins

The AMCAT SVAR Test is a telephone based test. A candidate can attend from home or in case of on-campus placements, AMCAT portal can be used. Connect a headphone and make a call to the number that is given in the computer allotted.

AMCAT SVAR Test Important Tips

The following are important tips that need to be kept in mind before taking the test.

  • Since AMCAT SVAR Test is a telephone-based test, make sure you have at least Rs.100 as a minimum balance before taking the test. The number provided by AMCAT to take the test is not a toll-free number.
  • Make sure you are in a place where the signal is quite strong. Although the number of re-attempts for the test is 2 in case of callfailures, it is advised to have a good network.
  • Choose a noise-free room with no background noises before making the call. Sometimes noises in the background might be captured and your score might vary accordingly.
  • In case you are using microphones, make sure you test it beforehand.
  • Before giving a call, note down AMCAT ID and SVAR ID beforehand. You will be asked to enter the digits as a verification process.

AMCAT SVAR test questions and pattern

Section 1: Reading

The Reading section in AMCAT SVAR Test evaluates a candidate's ability to read with accurate fluency. In order to do so, the following steps are involved.

  1. A set of sentences is emailed to the candidate's registered email ID via the AMCAT portal.
  2. Once the test begins, the candidate has to read the sentences aloud after beep cues.

Total Number of Questions: 12


  • Do not keep the microphone close as the breathing sound might be picked up and might lessen the score.
  • Read casually. Do not become nervous or highly conscious of the pronunciation. This might lead to stammering.
  • Before the exam, make sure you practice reading a few sentences to check your pronunciation.

Section 2: Listening

The listening section tests your ability to listen and recite the sentences back.

  1. Sentences will be read one after the other.
  2. The candidate must listen and recite the sentences back exactly without any flaw.
  3. The sentences will be read only once.
  4. The typical length of a sentence is about 30 - 40 words.

Total Number of Questions: 10


  • Make sure you're in a noise-free room to listen carefully. As the sentences will not be repeated, try to focus as much as possible.
  • In case you didn't clearly understand a particular sentence, try to phrase a sentence with whatever words you heard. Even if you don't receive a full score, you will receive a partial score.

Section 3: Listening Deductions

The listening deduction section tests your ability to comprehend a conversation and arrive at logical deductions.

  1. A conversation between 2 or more people will be played.
  2. The candidate has to listen to the conversation carefully.
  3. A set of questions will be posed based on the conversation.
  4. Based on the understanding of the conversation, a candidate is expected to answer the questions.


  • Mostly the conversation will be situation based. And the situations commonly occur in a workplace scenario. For example conversation between a customer and manager regarding product queries.
  • It is recommended to keep a notepad to jot down important points in the conversation.

Section 4: Grammar

In Grammar Section, a candidate's grammatical skills are assessed.

  1. A question with 4 options will be asked.
  2. The candidate has to choose the right grammatically correct sentence.

Here is a sample question

Question: Which of the following sentences is grammatically correct?

  1. Faran wereeating ice-cream
  2. Faran was eating ice-cream
  3. Faran had eating ice-cream
  4. Faran is ate ice-cream


  • Since the options are read only once, you must listen to it very carefully.
  • Once you identify that a particular option is correct, make a note of the option number in a notepad. This will help you not get confused with the other options

Section 5: Error Identification

In error identification section of AMCAT SVAR Test, you will be given a list of sentences and will be asked to identify the errors in them.

You need to focus and listen very carefully in order to get a good score in this section.

Sometimes, you might be asked with the synonyms/antonyms question in this section. So it is recommended to be prepared to face such questions.

Section 6: Speaking

In the speaking section, a candidates ability to structure and communicate ideas in English is tested.

  1. A topic is given. The name of the topic is repeated twice.
  2. A 30 second time is given for the candidate to think about the topic.
  3. The candidate has to speak about the topic for the next 45 seconds.


  • Keep a notepad to jot down points that you would like to speak for the given topic
  • Try to structure the speech with logical breaks

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