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AMCAT Vs Elitmus - Syllabus, Modules & Exam Pattern


AMCAT Vs Elitmus Vs Cocubes - Syllabus, Modules & Exam Pattern

AMCAT and eLitmus are the 2 exams which come to your mind while you are on the job hunt. Candidates are often confused about what to choose. Here are the key differences between AMCAT and eLitmus

amcat vs elitmus exam


Mode of Test

a) AMCAT - The AMCAT exam is an online test. It can be scheduled anytime during the year. 

b) Elitmus - The Elitmus test is a pen-paper test. The days when the exam is conducted is pre-defined. 

Duration of the exam

a) AMCAT - The AMCAT test is of total 180 minutes or 3 hours.

b) Elitmus - The Elitmus test is for 120 minutes or 2 hours.

Type of Test

a) AMCAT - The AMCAT is an adaptive test, i.e. the difficulty level of the question is defined by the previous attempt. If the previous question is marked right, the next question will be tougher. 

b) eLitmus - eLitmus being a paper-pen test, doesn’t have the adaptive pattern. However, the difficulty level of the questions in Elitmus is known to be higher than that of AMCAT questions

Scorecard Validity


The AMCAT score card is valid for 1 year. That is the score (in percentile) obtained in AMCAT can be used as proof of eligibility while applying in the companies for the period of 1 year from the date it is made available. Later you can either extend your subscription for another year or retake the test. Amcat Score validity details can be checked here.

b) eLitmus

The Elitmus score is also given in form of percentile is valid for a period of 2 years.

Marking Scheme


The AMCAT test does not have any negative marking. So, you can take the chance of taking a shot with your gut feeling, but mind the adaptive pattern – too many easy questions indicate answers being answered incorrectly.

b) Elitmus

The Elitmus has a differential scheme of negative marking. It has a unique way of calculating the way negative marking is done. Know more about Elitmus pH test and Elitmus marking scheme.

Sections in the exam

a) AMCAT Exam pattern

AMCAT tests the candidates on a set of sections in order to ensure their capability in each of the fields. Sections in AMCAT include 4 sections – Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, and English along with AMPI being the compulsory modules, irrespective of the stream of graduation. Apart from these, candidates also need to the Optional modules as per their educational qualification. Know more about

b) eLitmus Exam pattern

Elitmus tests a candidate on 3 sections – Quantitative Aptitude, Problem Solving, and Verbal Ability. Know more about eLitmus exam pattern and syllabus.

A conclusion of Amcat Vs eLitmus

To conclude, it's not about the test, but the results that will help you get a job. And there is no harm in taking both tests to ensure higher chances of success.

Here is a summary of the above-mentioned details.




Mode of Test


Pen and paper


3 Hours

2 Hours

Type of test




Rs. 900 + Taxes

Rs. 920

Negative Marking


Differential Negative Marking

Total marks



Subject Module



Score-card validity

1 year

2 years

Total Sections

Varies (compulsory+optional)


Preparation Resources

FACE Prep has curated resources for your Amcat or eLitmus exam preparation. You can check out these and start preparing for the exam now. These resources will help you understand the pattern and question types better.


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