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DOs and Dont's When Participating in a Group Discussion (GD)


Group Discussion is a critical step in recruitment processes of several organizations. It scrutinizes several aspects of a job aspirant and hence it becomes important for an individual to understand how a typical GD should be.

How much should be your contribution?

A contribution of 25-30 seconds 3-4 times is considered to be ideal. However, it also depends on the duration of GD.

DO these in a Group Discussion!

  • Listen & understand don’t hear & judge.

Understand the topic of the GD before forming opinions. Else there exists a high risk that you might take a GD away from its intended topic.

  • Pen down your thoughts

As soon as you know the topic, your brain will present you with scores of ideas. Some of these ideas may be in favor of the topic and others against. Make sure you pen down every single thought that flits across your mind so that you don’t miss out on conveying important points.

  • Be the initiator if you know the topic well

A person who initiates the GD plays a crucial role as he sets the foundation on which the GD proceeds. Hence, initiate only if you are confident about your views on the topic. Also, make sure that you keep it short without deviating from the main topic.

  • Support your point with some facts and figures

Always try to provide some examples and illustrations along with the ideas you convey during the GD. It not only conveys the message that you are knowledgeable about the topic but also builds credibility towards your ideas.

  • Speak politely and pleasantly. Respect contribution from other members.

The more polite and pleasant you are in your way of speaking, the easier it is to get the attention of everyone. Respect others when they speak.

  • Look at the evaluators or a particular group member.

Eye contact and body language is very important in a GD. Your best ideas might go waste if not conveyed properly due to poor body language or no eye contact. Don’t pose negative body gestures like touching the nose, leaning back on the chair, knocking the table with a pen etc.

  • Summarize the discussion if the group has not reached a conclusion.

Summarizing a GD is as important as initiating it. A GD that ends with no conclusion is like a meal which ends with no dessert. Make sure you summarize the points at the end of GD.

Don’t do these in a Group Discussion!

  • Be Arnab Goswamy!

If you know what I mean! Try to respect freedom of speech of others. Speak and let speak.

  • Panic if you are not familiar with the topic of your GD

If you don’t know the topics listen to others and then speak. Often it so happens that an individual won’t have any idea about the topic and so becomes nervous. It’s nothing to worry about as this happens with nearly 30-40% of people who are part of a GD. Just listen to others, interpret what the topic is all about and then speak.

  • Contradict Rudely

Don’t be rude when you are contradicting someone’s views. Be as polite as possible when you convey your contradiction.

  • Over speak, intervene and snatch other’s chance to speak.

Never interrupt others when they speak. This distracts the entire GD and might also fetch you negative points.

  • Argue and shout during the GD.

You are in no courtroom. Keep calm and let the GD run.

  • Don’t try to dominate the discussion and also try not to put others in an embarrassing situation by asking them to speak if they don’t want.

Get ready to rock your next GD!


Satyam Sharma

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sri hari
Gd topic

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Mounika Moni
can u tell me some gd topics often asked in hiring process so that it creates some idea how the topics would be

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