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Group Discussions: What the Moderator is Looking For


Group discussions are an integral part of any campus recruitment process. The purpose of Group discussion is to assess the managerial ability of the candidate. In most cases, this round is the gateway to the final interview round and thus has high attrition rates. Although, most of the candidates practice mock GDs on several topics, they sometimes overlook the most importance factor in the GD: The Moderator.

With the moderator deciding on who will progress to the next round and who will bite the dust, it’s important to understand what he or she is looking for in their prospective employees. Although, the requirements may differ from one organisation to another, however, there are a certain set of skills that are absolutely essential in every individual and this is what the moderator is looking for. Read on to know about them.

#1 Communication Skills

Your inter-personal skills and communication skills are put to test in this round. The ability to communicate your viewpoint effectively is a key ingredient to acing this round. The GD moderators are always on a look-out for people who can communicate their ideas effectively and in the least possible time/words.

#2 Leadership Skills 

With as many as 10 people taking part in a GD, it’s about managing people, either with one to one interactions or as a large group. However, the focus of your GD moderator is not only on those who initiated the GD but also on those who are steering it in the correct direction. A well-rounded group discussion with a definite conclusion is always preferred by the moderator.

#3 Rational Thought Process 

It checks on your Emotional Quotient and Intelligence Quotient. Think before you speak, this age old adage assumes extra importance in a Group Discussion. Remember making a meaningful contribution to your GD would earn you much more brownie points than wayward half-hearted interjections.

#4 Analytical and Rational Thinking 

Group Discussion helps to assess your analytical and rational thinking skills. All moderators prefer candidates who can clearly, quickly and dispassionately analyse a given situation. In certain cases, you might be asked to play a certain role in your GD which may be diagonally opposite to your personal opinions. In these situations, it is necessary to be icy-cool and present you the case in point objectively. This also helps the moderator to gauge how quickly you can understand a given situation and react in accordance with it.

#5 General Awareness and Know-how of Current Affairs 

As the focus in on analytical thinking and rational thought process, most GD topics do not require any special knowledge. However, it is necessary to have a firm grasp of current affairs and general happenings around the globe as the moderator will mostly assign a current affairs topic for discussion.

#6 Group Behaviour 

Most, if not all activities and projects in the corporate sector requires the coming together of various individuals and personalities. Thus making your interactions with team members paramount for completing a project successfully and a GD is the perfect platform to assess this quality. This round helps the moderator to judge your skills and behaviour as part of a large team under stressful conditions.

Thus, the task for a moderator is clearly cut-out, with emphasis on how a person speaks, what he speaks, his level of confidence, his ability to listen and convince others, and his behaviour towards colleagues.

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