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How to Answer "Why Should We Hire You?" in an Interview


How to Answer "Why should we hire you?" in an Interview

Almost every interviewer will ask you this question or some variation of this question and depending on your answer and how you answer this question, the interviewer's assessment may change from their initial one.
From the moment your CV lands on the HR's desk they have been asking themselves "Why SHOULD I hire this person?"
Now, what other best way to get this question answered than to hear from the applicant themselves. Which is why you interviewers will almost always ask you the question "Why should we hire you?" Although you need to be confident, replying with "Psssh Why not?", may get you on their blacklist. We can't be sure about this but we would not recommend it.

Why should we hire you? -- Why not??

This question can be associated with the "sell me this pen" test that sales and marketing applicants may have to go through. How is that? you may ask. It's pretty simple, in the interview scenario you are the pen and also the seller, and your task is to make yourself so appealing that they not only hire you but also offer you a higher package than what you were hoping to get. Ok, that might be a little too farfetched, but it has happened before and who honestly who wouldn't want that?

Why should we hire you? -- Hire me!!

Let us break down the question, and see what the interviewer really wants to know.

What do the interviewers really want to know when they're asking - "Why should we hire you?"

During the whole interview, the only thing that the company wants to know is what you can do for them. They would also like to find out if the investment they're making in a new hire will provide good returns. Afterall hiring someone new is expensive and the interviewer is not only looking to just hire someone but to also to retain the new hire. So the interviewer's task is to not only assess your skills but also to make sure you're someone who can carry out the work assigned to you, fit in with the company, commit to your job and be motivated to contribute to the growth of the company.

Best employee we have hired

Now that you know what the interviewer is really asking, let us see how to answer the question appropriately.

How should you answer this loaded question?

It is important to answer this question from the company's point of view. Step into their shoes, find out what their needs are and how hiring you will help them bring value to the company. You can learn a lot from the job posting since most job descriptions detail more than just job responsibilities and qualifications but also the core skills required to be successful in the required position. You could explain with proof from your previous job or similar responsibilities you took up and how you best completed the tasks assigned to you.

Hire me, I've got skills

So, your answer should not only show that you know exactly what the job requires but also prove that you would be the best candidate based on your past achievements. Along with the points that prove your skills and your track record, you should also be able to reflect in your answer that you understand the work culture of the company and that you would fit in well with the team.

Along with the necessary skills it is also important to show confidence in order to impress the interviewer. They would prefer that you know what your strengths are and how you can contribute to the company. Go through your past performance reviews and get feedback from former colleagues about your contributions to projects you have worked together. Make sure to feature those points when you elaborate on your skills and achievements and how that would bring value to the company. 

It is important that you take the time to think about your answer beforehand, do the research, and rehearse. You can easily nail this common job interview question with some preparation and thought. 

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