Atos Recruitment Process | Atos Test Pattern and Syllabus

Atos is a global leader in digital transformation with 120,000 employees in 73 countries and annual revenue of € 13 billion.With its cutting-edge technologies and industry knowledge, Atos supports the digital transformation of its clients across all business sectors.For their participation in the Atos recruitment process, the Atos Recruitment Process builds the confidence level of the candidates. Through this article, candidates can get to know the importance of various topics in Atos Recruitment Process. Those who will participate in the test can read this article and understand the Atos Recruitment Process.

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Atos Interview Questions

The Process of selecting candidates focuses on abilities, knowledge, skills, experience and various other related factors.

Candidates should go through a three-stage selection process to get recruited in Atos

  • Written Exam
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Academic Criteria

  • 60 percent in B.Tech and in Class X and XII
  • Education gap should not be more than one year
  • Section wise cutoff
  • Eligibility Criteria: B.Tech / B.E / M.E / M.Tech
  • Graduation Marks Cutoff 65%

Atos Recruitment Pattern | Test Pattern

The breakup of Atos Recruitment Process is as follows:

Section No. Of Questions
Quantitative Ability25
Verbal Ability25
Logical Reasoning25

Test Description

Time allotted for the written exam is 75 minutes. There is a negative marking. So, if you feel on reading a question, that you might get stuck in the middle. Don’t take much time. You’ll only end up wasting precious seconds. Don’t take an excessive amount of time (less than fifty Seconds) on an easy question, so you’ll be able to provide longer (Max. a hundred secs) on a troublesome question. Otherwise, you will have enough queries left at the last minutes.

In the end, you can come back and attempt these questions. If still, you are unable to solve the questions and time is about to finish, then you can attempt flukes.

Atos Recruitment Process | Quantitative Ability

The questions in this section are generally prepared to test the applicant’s numerical ability and ability to solve mathematical problems. the most time-consuming section. You need to be thoroughly prepared with the formulae as the most questions are direct formula application. The Quantitative Aptitude section (around 25 questions) features questions on topics like algebra, time & work, time, speed & distance, arithmetic, percentages, profit & loss, geometry etc. There is a negative marking in the paper.

Atos Recruitment Process | Logical Reasoning

The questions in this section assess  the capacity of an individual to interpret things objectively, to be able to perceive and interpret trends to make generalizations and be able to analyze assumptions behind an argument/statement. Easy but do have an idea before-hand as to what kind of topics are included in this section. In the Logical Reasoning section (around 25 questions) questions on data interpretation, logical reasoning questions, puzzles, graphs, charts and tables are regularly asked.

Atos Recruitment Process | Verbal Reasoning

The questions in this section are generally prepared to test the applicant’s written English skills and communication skills. this section is also going to be easy. However, you need to be able to read the passage quickly to save some precious seconds.Do not take a lot of time (max. 2 mins) to browse the passage otherwise you cannot complete the queries therein time.In the Verbal Ability section (around 25 questions), the students will have to solve reading comprehensions. This section also consists of basic grammar usage questions like fill in the blanks, synonyms, antonyms, paragraph completion, sentence completion, vocabulary, etc.

Atos Recruitment Process | Technical Interview

Questions relating to specific technical fields are asked during this round. The questions may be based on a specific knowledge of the company’s technical activities; understanding of the technical work to be done in the work that is being done or likely to require the candidates to solve the technical problems that they would likely face if they were employed. Some Questions asked are:

  • What is normalization?
  • What is OOP Language?
  • What are dot operator queries?
  • Can an unreachable object become reachable again?
  • State two differences between swing and AWT?
  • What do you mean by abstract class?
  • What do you mean by Hash Map and Hash Table?

Atos Recruitment Process | HR Interview

The last step in selecting a candidate as an employee is the interview as it helps to determine the candidate’s personality. The questions can be very varied from your introduction, your qualifications, your experience, your specific experience of the sector, the courses followed, your strengths and weaknesses, your salary expectations, your friends, your family, etc. Some Questions asked are:

  • Tell me something about yourself?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Are you OK with the bond clause?
  • What are your 3 strengths and 1 weakness?
  • Will you like to work in Pune?
  • What is the difference between confidence and over confide