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Advantages of C programming

Published on 07 Mar 2020

C programming has several advantages when compared with other programming languages. These are listed below.

Advantages of C programming

  1. Very concise source programs can be written using C due to a large number of operators included within the language.
  2. C programming has a relatively smaller instruction set.
  3. Allows users to write additional library functions of their own. Thus the language features and capabilities can be extended by the user.
  4. C compilers are available for computers of all sizes and produce object programs that are small and highly efficient.
  5. C programs are highly portable. This is because the computer-dependent features are implemented in C's library functions. Thus, every version of C is accompanied by its own set of library functions, which are written for a particular host computer. Each individual library function is accessed in the same manner from one version of C to another. Therefore, most C programs can be processed on many different computers with little or no modification.


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