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Array Programs in C, C++, Java | Mosk Asked Arrays Questions in Online Tests

Published on 12 Mar 2020

We will be discussing Array programs in C, C++ and Java. These are some of the most asked array questions in interviews and coding exams. Practicing these Array programs in C and other languages will help you understand various array concepts. So get started with the below list of array programs now.

Important Array Concepts

While you practice these various array programs, you might get sometimes get stuck with a particular concept/problem and might want to know more about the concept. So in that case, check out any of the below concept-based Array articles.

array programs in c

1) Insertion and Deletion in Array

Basic array operations (Insert, delete and search an element)

2) Searching in Array

3) Sorting in Array

4) Sum of elements in Array

5) Printing elements of Array

6) Rotation in Array

7) Counting Elements of Array

8) Miscellaneous Array Problems in C, C++, Java

1D Array Problems

2D Array Problems

Practice more C programming questions

Array Programs Related Videos

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