Capgemini Interview Questions – Technical and HR Rounds

Capgemini Interview Questions for Technical Round will be based on subjects of your interest or based on projects you have done

Capgemini Interview Questions

Capgemini Technical & HR Interview Questions

Capgemini Interview Questions for Technical Round will be based on subjects of your interest or based on projects you have done. You need to have complete knowledge of all the projects you have listed down in your resume. We are providing some links to help you prepare for Capgemini Interview questions:

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Capgemini Interview Experience 1

  • Name: Aishwarya
  • College: VIT
  • Selection status: Selected

Capgemini came to our campus on 21st Sep 2017. Capgemini was the last IT services mass recruiter to come to our campus and hence the competition was high. We were trained for 2 days before the Capgemini exam.

The eligibility criteria were above 60% in all 10th, 12th and UG and no current arrears. We had 4 rounds of screening.

1) Online Aptitude Test + Written Communication Test

2) Pseudo Code Test

3) Technical Interview

4) HR Interview

The online test was conducted by Cocubes. Aptitude test had only aptitude and logical. 32 questions in 50 minutes. So I was able to manage the time well and the questions were not too difficult. Then we had essay writing, it was for 20 minutes. Only 1 essay was given. My topic was Social media has made us less social.

The essay round is easy, but you need to be careful of grammatical mistakes. Also, our placement coordinator has strictly told us not to use backspaces. He told that Cocubes would eliminate people who use backspaces multiple times. Hence I was very careful about it.

Out of 630 people who wrote the test, only 149 were shortlisted for the Technical pseudo code test.

Then, we had a pseudo-code test and it had questions based on C, C++ and data structures. Since I am from ECE, I found it a little difficult. You need to practice well for this section. Rest all are easy.

Results of this round were announced and 99 people got selected for Technical Interviews. We had the interview on the same day. Almost everyone had both rounds of interview. In the interview, I was asked these questions

1) Tell me about yourself

2) What are your subjects of interest?

3) If you are interested in ECE, then why do you want to move into the IT industry?

4) How good are you at coding?

5) Write a code for insertion of an element into a Linked list and explain it

6) Do you know Java?

6) Tell about projects (they also asked me to write the logic alone)

7) Why Capgemini?

8) Are you willing to relocate?

The interview lasted for around 15 minutes. The interviewer was very friendly and hence I was able to confidently answer all these questions. Finally out of 99, 70 people got into Capgemini.

I also got selected into Capgemini. So my suggestion is to focus on the pseudo code test and rest all you can easily answer with basic knowledge.

Capgemini Interview Experience 2

  • Name: Abhishek
  • College: Galgotias University
  • Selection status: Selected

Capgemini has visited our campus recently. The first round was conducted on Cocubes platform and had 32 questions on basic aptitude and logical. Aptitude question were asked on topics like profit and loss, number, time and speed etc. Logical was easier than apti and question were from topics like blood relations, statements and conclusion etc.

Pseudo code questions were from C, C++, DS and OS. I found them to be of medium difficulty only. But my other friends from Mech found it very difficult. I then got qualified for the interview process.

The first round of interview was a technical round in which questions related to my projects were asked. I did a project related to Digital Image processing, though it wasn’t a part of my curriculum. So they asked me a lot of questions about it. I actually did this project as my friend was of ECE branch and hence I helped him in the coding part of it alone. But since I had an equally good idea about the project, I was safe. Else I would have been screwed.

No elimination will be done after the tech round, you will have to go through the next round i.e the HR round. In the HR round, they just want to check your communication skills and they will ask you about yourself, your family background and about the company. One must know each and everything about the company. So one must do his homework before going to the HR round.

1) What is the biggest project you have done so far?

2) What was your role in that project?

3) Are you a team player or a team leader?

4) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

5) Why Capgemini?

Tips to answer Capgemini interview questions

You don’t need excellent programming knowledge to answer Capgemini interview questions. You just have to be clear with the basic of any 2 programming languages and should be able to write down the logic for standard questions like

1) Fibonacci series

2) Factorial of a number

3) Palindrome

4) GCD or LCM of two numbers

5) Armstrong Number

Also, you need to be clear with the basics of your core subjects. These will help you easily answer a majority of the questions asked in Capgemini interview rounds.