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Capgemini Essay writing Topics | Capgemini Essay writing questions

Published on 07 Mar 2020

Capgemini Essay writing topics have no particular syllabus. These essay writing topics are based on current happening or trending topics. The Capgeminiessay writing test is used to analyze your grammar, vocabulary, writing skills and presentation skills.

Capgemini Essay Writing Topics - Pattern

Capgemini essay writing topics and answers

Capgemini Essay writing test consists of only 1 question. The time duration given to answer this is 30 minutes. You can think about the given topic for the first 3 minutes. After you get a good understanding of the Capgemini essay writing topic, then you can start writing. You can spend around 15 minutes in writing the essay. Now utilize the last 2-3 minutes to completely go through your essay. This last-minute check will help you avoid a lot of unnecessary mistakes.

SectionNumber of questionsTime duration
Essay Writing130 mins

To know the complete pattern and syllabus of Capgemini recruitment process, click on the button below.

Capgemini complete syllabus & Test pattern

Important things to know about Capgemini Essay Writing Topics

1) The essay should ideally be of 300-400 words. Less than 300 words is not advisable.

2) It is advisable to write the essay in simple English. Avoid using complex terminology and stories.

3) Make sure there are no grammatical mistakes in your essay.

4) Do not write the essay as 1 paragraph with 300-400 words. Rather divide it into several paragraphs. This gives a structured impression when someone reads your essay.

6) Try to write the essay in the following structure:

a) Introduction/Definition

b) Body (Focusing on main points)

c) Conclusion (Crisp and clear)

Tips for Writing a Perfect Essay

  • Once you get the topic, spend at least 3 minutes to put some points.
  • Once the points are in place, start framing the essay.
  • Divide your essay into 3 sections (paragraphs) - Introduction, Body, and Conclusion
  • Do not use very long sentences.
  • Keep your Tenses, Grammar, and Punctuation in check.
  • Understand the difference between the usage of Active Voice and Passive Voice.
  • Always use Active Voice in Essays, wherein the subjects direct actions rather than let the actions "happen to" them.
  • Never use Personal Pronouns like I, Me, My in your Essay.
  • Try to be more general. Avoid involve complex and supernatural theories in your essays

Capgemini Essay Writing Topics (Most asked in recent drives)

Here are few essay writing topics which have been asked in the Capgemini off-campus/on-campus drives

1) Social media has made it easier to misuse one's right to freedom of expression.

2) Violent video games affect children negatively.

3) Success comes to those who take risks.

4) People today are more materialistic and less satisfied as compared to previous generations.

5) Do you think progress is always good? Cite examples to support your view.

6) At least one form of physical training should be mandatory across education institutes.

7) Social media has made us less social.

8) The winner stands alone.

9) Do ethics or moral principles change with time? Cite examples to support your view.

Capgemini Essay Writing Topics (Sample answers)

Topic: Social media has made us less social.

Sample Essay:

Has social media made us less social? It indeed had a great influence on us. Given the measure of its impact, it naturally attracted some criticism. While social media has its own cons, it has only helped humans build new relationships in this fast-paced world and stay more connected with it.

Here's a common argument we hear against social media: People are interacting with their devices more than they do with people or the environment around. Thus, social media is making them less social.

Well, Social media has been nothing more than a facilitator. A facilitator for information flow. The amount of information and knowledge one can accumulate through social media is immense. It has erased boundaries and helped communities grow. It had made learning easy and efficient. While the free flow of information might pose some long-term problems, the positives outweigh the negatives.

The distance between people has a huge role in the level of communication between them. It is hard to imagine the scenario if there weren't any social media. Thanks to social media this distance just got reduced to almost nothing. You can keep up with the lives of people you care for, and always be there for them. Social media made communication easy and efficient. It made communication real-time, just like two people having a conversation.

If a kid is spending a lot of time on his computer, the parents have every right to be concerned. But, chances are the kid is picking up skills relevant to today's tech world. Having said that, it is also equally important that one develops the necessary people skills. There is definitely a concern around the diminishing art of conversation, that needs to be addressed. Blaming social media is definitely not one of the many possible solutions.

In conclusion, think of it this way. Anything that helps us stay more connected with our friends, family and the outside world isn't essentially making us less social. Social media is just a tool to stay connected. Nothing more, nothing less.

This is one way to answer Capgemini essay writing topics. You can also share your essays for various topics in the comments sections and get them evaluated by your friends

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