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Capgemini Test Pattern 2019 for Capgemini Online Test | Faceprep

Published on 22 Oct 2018

The Capgemini Recruitment Process starts with Capgemini Online test which checks the Candidate's basic aptitude in Mathematics, English, Reasoning, and IT skills. For this Capgemini Aptitude Test, it uses CoCubes Assessment Platform which is one of the online assessments used by companies for placement purposes.

Capgemini Test Pattern

Capgemini Test Pattern 2019

The Capgemini test pattern consists of 4 sections in total. An additional coding section is applicable only if Capgemini is hiring for Senior Analyst role with a package of 6.8 LPA.

The total time allotted for the online exam is 105 minutes and there is no negative marking. The various sections and their time limits are shown in the below table.

SectionsNumber of QuestionTime Allocated
Quantitative Aptitude16 Questions50 minutes (shared)
Logical Reasoning16 Questions50 minutes (shared)
Essay writing1 Question30 minutes
Pseudo Coding Test25 MCQs25 minutes
Coding (only for senior analyst role)2~1 hour

You can check the complete Capgemini Syllabus here.

Capgemini Quantitative Aptitude Section

  • Total Questions: 16
  • Time Allotted: 50 minutes including the reasoning section.
  • Expected Cut-Off: 70%
  • Minimum questions to attempt: 8-10
  • Negative Marking: No

A total of 16 questions are asked in this section within a time limit of 50 minutes. Note that this 50 minute is shared with the Logical Reasoning section in the Capgemini Aptitude Test. Some of the important aptitude topics to focus on are:

Capgemini Quantitative AptitudeExpected number of QuestionLevel of Difficulty
Profit and Loss2Medium
Ratio and proportion2-3Medium
Data Interpretation2Hard
Time, Speed and Distance1-2Easy

>> Practice Capgemini Quantitative Aptitude Questions here

Capgemini Logical Reasoning/Analytical Reasoning Section

  • Total Questions: 16
  • Time Allotted: 50 minutes including the aptitude section.
  • Cut-Off: 70%
  • Minimum questions to attempt: 8-10
  • Negative marking: No

This section of the Capgemini test pattern is designed to assess a candidate's ability at skills such as how to interpret patterns, number sequences or the relationships between shapes. A total of 16 questions are asked in this section which is expected to be solved in 50 minutes. Note that, these 50 minutes are shared with the Quantitative Aptitude Section.

Mostly the questions are asked from topics such as Visual Reasoning, Flowcharts, Data Interpretation, Blood Relations.

Capgemini Logical ReasoningExpected number of QuestionsLevel of Difficulty
Statement and Conclusion3-4Medium + Hard
Visual Reasoning2Medium + Hard
Blood Relations2Medium
Flow Charts2-3Medium
Logical reasoning2Medium
Order and Ranking2Easy

>> Practice Capgemini Logical/Analytical Reasoning Questions here

Capgemini Essay Writing Section

  • Total Question: 1 Essay
  • Time Allotted: 30 minutes
  • Cut-Off: 75%
  • Word-Limit: 180-200 words

Earlier Capgemini conducted a regular verbal ability test but then replaced it with only an Essay Writing Test. In this section, the candidate is supposed to write an essay on any social topic, trending topic or a topic that is of global importance with a word limit of 180-200 words. The total allotted time is 30 minutes.

This test checks your writing and ideation ability. Apart from that, it is very important to follow the basic format for essay writing. Keep your punctuations, tenses, grammar and format in check. Divide your essay into paragraphs, write smaller sentences and try to bring out ideas. To clear this section - you must practice writing as much as you can.

Some of the topics that came in the Capgemini Essay writing test are:

  • Education
  • IPL
  • My Best Friend
  • Digitisation and its benefits

>> Check out Capgemini Essay Writing topics here.

Capgemini Pseudo Code Test

  • Total Questions: 25
  • Time Allotted:25 minutes
  • Cut-Off: 70%
  • Negative Marking: No

This section of Capgemini Test Pattern checks the basics knowledge about programming language of the candidates. It consists of questions mainly from Data Structure, C/C++, and Digital, Data Structure commands, and syntaxes types of questions like finding the error in the code, binary search tree recursion, functions, loop, pointers, and algorithm.

A total of 25 Questions are asked in this section in the allotted time of 25 minutes. The overall pattern is given below.

Capgemini Pseudo Coding Test
Expected number of QuestionsLevel of Difficulty
Algorithm (output prediction, finding the error, calculating time complexity)8Easy
Data Structure5Medium

>>Check out Pseudo Coding test Questions here.

How to prepare for Capgemini Online Test

Faceprep offers enough free resources to help you prepare for all the sections of Capgemini online test. Check out the below links:

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