Cocubes Pre-Assess 2018 | Cocubes Online Test Registration and Important Topics

Cocubes Pre-assess is yet another employability skills assessment test (like AMCAT, eLitmus) that measures the various skills required by companies in order to recruit candidates. Cocubes is a scientifically designed test with a better candidate test-taking environment.

Cocubes pre-assess have a multitude of assessments to measure the competency of students that employers intend to look for.

Cocubes Pre-Assess Registration Process

There are two ways through which you can get the annual subscription of

  • Your institute can sign up with Cocubes as a partner institute by paying the annual subscription for the entire batch.
  • You can buy the annual subscription individually. For this, you can register for Cocubes here –
  1. Provide Primary Email Id
  2. Validate Email Id with the Code sent to you on email
  3. Fill in your relevant details
  4. Pay registration fee online

cocubes pre-assess online test assessment

Cocubes Pre-Assess Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for Cocubes Pre-assess test is given below. Make sure you meet the criteria.

  • Eligible Batches – 2018 / 2019
  • Do not register if you already have an account on, if you want to take PRE-ASSESS®, mail us at
  • Cocubes login generation is a long process, it might take some time. They will notify you once your login is generated or will get back to you in case of delay.
  • In some cases, login credentials would be sent “within a week” after making payment.

Cocubes Pre-Assess Fee

The fee for appearing for 1 attempt at Cocubes PRE-ASSESS is INR 1000 + GST.

Cocubes Online Test: Skills assessed

Some of the competencies the employers intend to look at, while hiring is:

  • Ability to understand or visualize any real time problem
  • A systematic or Sequential approach towards problem-Solving
  • Ability to Analyze
  • Ability to deal with numbers
  • Ability to transform conceptual models into real-time systems
  • Verbal and Written Communication Skills
  • Domain-specific and technical skills
  • Personality profile of the candidate to evaluate their potential fit

Cocubes Assessment Tests

There are different assessment tests administered to measure each competency. Based on the company requirement, the assessment tests are chosen.

For example, Musigma specifically evaluates a candidate’s skills on Verbal/Written communication skills and problem-solving approach in limited time. Hence the selection process consists of an assessment test by CoCubes – Quantitative Reasoning and English usage.

Competency MeasuredAssessment Mechanism
Systematic approach, Ability to visualize a problemFlowcharting and Visual Algorithms
Creativity, Ability to analyze any problemAnalytical Reasoning
Problem solving approach in limited time, Ability to deal with numbersQuantitative reasoning
Verbal and written communication skillsEnglish Usage
Transform conceptual models into real time systemsComputer Mathematical Modeling
Domain specific skills and understanding of fundamentalsEngineering/Domain specific tests
Personality analysis and job fitmentPsychometric profiling

Cocubes Test Pattern

CoCubes Tests are available across various engineering domains, aptitude domains as well as other IT related domains (for both freshers and lateral hires).

Test Domain
Assessment Test
Language, Aptitude and LearnabilityEnglish Usage
Quantitative Ability
Analytical Reasoning
Mathematical Modeling
Engineering DomainsComputer Science/IT
Electronics Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Others (Paint Tech, Mechatronics, Environmental etc)
IT DomainsMainframes
RDBMS Concepts

While hiring for technical roles, it is imperative for organizations to test a candidate’s skills, knowledge, and understanding of the core technical concepts.

Domain-specific assessment tests are designed to assess a candidate’s grasp on fundamentals (theoretical knowledge) and understanding of applications of those core concepts in the branch of engineering specialization.

Know more about Co cubes Syllabus and Test Pattern here.

Cocubes Programming Skills Test

Cocubes has developed an automated tool to evaluate programming skills in a simulated environment to accurately segregate good programmer vis-à-vis other.

Cocubes Error Detection Technology (EDT) simulates an interview like experience which enables the engine to check both algorithm and actual programming skills of a candidate. Once the candidate develops and writes the program in an editor, compiles and runs test cases, the administrator gets an automated score for every candidate for multiple parameters.

Co cubes supports multiple programming languages such as C, C++, Java and C#.

Cocubes Psychometric Test

Psychometric profiling of candidates is done using a variation of the contemporary and most widely used five-factor model of personality, also commonly known as the “Big Five” model. The Big Five factors are:

  • Openness (inventive/curious vs. consistent/cautious)
  • Conscientiousness (efficient/organized vs. easy-going/careless)
  • Extraversion (outgoing/energetic vs. solitary/reserved)
  • Agreeableness (friendly/compassionate vs. cold/unkind)
  • Emotional Stability (sensitive/nervous vs. secure/confident)

Using the above-mentioned factors, a candidate is evaluated to assess his/her personality trait.

These traits can effectively predict post selection job behavior of candidates in real-world scenarios. Various job profiles require varying personalities and using the personality map of an individual, it is possible to forecast if an academically or technically suitable candidate can thrive and succeed in a particular role given his/her personality type. 

Examples of usage of personality maps including checking for

  • Sales team to be high on extraversion
  • R & D team to be high on openness
  • Customer service team should be high on agreeableness.

Cocubes Pre-Assess Syllabus 2018

Based on the modules selected by the company, you can check out the syllabus. Know more about Cocubes syllabus 2018.

Companies hiring through Cocubes

A lot of companies hire through Cocubes assessment. A few of them are:

  • Microsoft
  • Maruti Suzuki
  • Mahindra
  • Capgemini
  • ABB
  • Bosch
  • Ericsson
  • Toshiba
  • Musigma

Know more about companies hiring thorough AMCAT, eLitmus and Co-cubes

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