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Be it getting upskilled to get your first Dream Job, or getting yourself tech-ready to get a job in your upcoming campus placements, we have got you covered. Take your winning steps towards becoming a certified Core Java Developer. Our unique program trains you in Core Java, provides you Core Java certification and also gets you placed in MNCs, Startups and top IT Companies. Come, become a ProGrad!
Enrollment closes on 16th June 2019
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Java Core - Generics, Collections, I/O in Java • Concurrency •  Lambda Expressions • JUNIT Testing
We give you access to job interviews with top recruiters with salaries ranging from 3 - 5 LPA.
None. You do not need any technical skills to get started.
18th June 2019
3 months
15 – 20 hrs / week
Why should you join FACE's Core Java ProGrad Program?
Simple Answer: Because it's the smartest thing to do!
Here's why:
There more than 3 billion apps, devices and websites that run on Java. In fact, every Android App ever made was built on Java. Hence, it is no surprise that more than 60% of technology businesses use Java. This makes Java one of the most sought-after programming languages in the world.

Hence FACE (India's Largest Skill Development Enterprise) has collaborated with Java Experts from the Industry to create the Core Java Certification ProGrad Program - which is aimed at making you the master of Java after which you can get a high-paying entry-level job in the Java Software Development/Web Development industry.

With our Core Java ProGrad Program, you learn Java from the absolute basics, build your expertise through hands-on coding sessions and industry standard projects and finally become a master of Core Java by the end of the Program. Learning Java... made easy!

Java is the most popular and in-demand programming language in the IT domain. And it's easy to learn!
World-Class Curriculum
Our Core Java ProGrad Program curriculum has been designed in collaboration with Academia and IT industry leaders to ensure that you get to learn the most in-demand skills. Our curriculum includes a comprehensive set of projects that you would be building and the skills you learn would make you industry-ready to launch your career as a Core Java Developer.

Code Review on every line of your Code
The state-of-the-art code review engine which is a part of this program will review each and every line of the code that you write while practicing or project building. This ensures that you can make real progress by working on actionable feedback. You will also receive insightful reports from our industry-wide network of Java experts that will help enhance your coding skills.
A Mentor by your side... Always
Each and every learner of our ProGrad program is guided by a Mentor throughout the ProGrad program - from the process of learning to code to helping you land your dream job. They will provide guidance, lend support, clear your doubts, and keep you motivated thus ensuring that you successfully complete the Program within the stipulated time and land your first Core Java Developer Job.

Outstanding Job Placement Support
Our ProGrad program is here to get you Placed! Your profile, projects, and resume are shared with our recruitment partner companies who are looking forward to hiring ProGrad Core Java Developers. Not only this, our Placement Support helps you build your GitHub profile (your core identity as a techie), and a professional LinkedIn profile. You will also receive personalized support on your resume, and Comprehensive Technical Interview Prep.
What You Will Learn in 3 Months
Training Phase
The Java modules covered in this Program will give you deep knowledge about the exciting world of Java. You will cover key concepts in this section including Control Flow in Java, Object Orientation, Exception Handling and Generics. The best part - by the end of the training, you will obtain the requisite skill-set to build your very own Java Applications.

- LESS18 June - 17 September
ProGrad Tool-kit
Achieving world-class skills in a short duration is practically impossible without access to the right tools and support. Here's the tool-kit you receive with this ProGrad Program.
You don't have to switch from the learning environment to practice your code. Learn, practice and test in one place.
Build live projects that range from simple arcade games to complex enterprise grade communications systems.
We help push your code to your Github profile and organize projects to build your portfolio.
Get a QR coded FACE profile, that showcases you to a network of faceprep's Partner Recruiters.
Practice on your own, at your convenience, with an exhaustive set of challenging Java programs.
Improve your code efficiency and style, by monitoring code smells, conventions, inefficiencies, etc.
Enrol For the Core Java ProGrad Program

Rs 15000
To be paid when enrolling for the ProGrad

Rs 35,000
To be paid after receiving job offer through FACE Placements

20th May 2019 - 19 November 2019
Enrollment closes on 19 May 2019
This Core Java ProGrad program is perfect for you if
  • You are a final year student (all branches) who wants to get placed with good IT companies
  • You are a pre-final year student looking to gain a competitive edge for campus placements
  • You are a 2018 pass-out looking for good IT opportunities
  • You are a working professional in a non-IT domain looking to enter in IT domain
  • You are a working professional in IT domain looking for higher-paying opportunities
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Undergraduate Degree, Branch of Study, Academic Performance, Years of Experience, Prior knowledge of Programming, Communication Skills, Aptitude Skills
  • Strong interest in joining IT industry, Strong Commitment to Daily Schedule, Enthusiasm in learning new concepts & working on projects
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    ProGrad Overview
    The Program Fee for Core Java ProGrad program consists of 2 components - Instalment 1 which is for Rs 15,000, and Instalment 2 which is for Rs 35,000.

    To enroll in this ProGrad Program, you will have to pay only the Instalment 1 of Rs 15,000. This will permit you to participate in the 3 months Training Phase, get certified, and attend the Placement Process with our Partner Recruiters (subject to meeting the Participation and Performance criteria prescribed during the ProGrad Program).

    During the Placement Process, when you succeed in getting placed with one of our Partner Recruiters, you will have to pay the Instalment 2 of INR 35,000 to receive the Letter of Appointment. If you choose not to participate in the Placement Process, or you'd prefer to scout for opportunities yourself, then you do not have to pay the Placement Fee. Hence Instalment 2 is optional. You pay the 2nd Instalment 2 only when you get placed through FACE Placements!
    This Core Java Developer ProGrad Program is designed for students and professionals who have a strong interest in joining the IT industry. You can apply to this program if you are a UG student (any degree or branch), a working professional (IT or Non-IT), or if you are searching for good IT opportunities.

    Your current CGPA or Percentage (however low), and number of arrears (both historical or current) do not matter. As long as you have a strong inclination towards IT industry & you are willing to be disciplined to put in the necessary work, you can enrol in this program.

    All technologies and tools introduced in the ProGrad Program will be taught right from the absolute basics, and you will receive dedicated Mentor Support for the projects you will be undertaking. So there are no technology based prerequisites for the course. You can be a beginner who has never programmed before.

    You will require access to a desktop PC or laptop (Mac or Windows), a stable internet connection, and an up-to-date browser (preferably Google Chrome).
    It doesn't matter if you are a CSE student or a Mechanical student, an IT student or a Civil student. If you are in your final year of UG study, you are sufficiently eligible to enrol in this ProGrad Program.
    During the course of the ProGrad Program, you will pick up mastery over industry recommended technologies and tools like Java, OOP, Generics, Collections, I/O in Java, Concurrency, Lambda Expressions, JUNIT Testing and many more. These, along with industry-modeled projects that you will work on during the course of the ProGrad Program will prepare you for a promising career in the IT Industry as a Java Developer. On average, these jobs attract Annual CTCs around INR 3.5 to 5 lacs at an entry level, rapidly increasing with every year of experience.
    About the Training Phase
    You will receive a detailed weekly once the ProGrad batch begins. On an average, you will be required to dedicate 1 to 2 hours per day on weekdays and 3 to 4 hours per day over weekends and public holidays.
    You will build 5 projects during the course of the ProGrad Program including 1 Capstone project. These projects are designed by industry experts and are modeled around real technological applications in the IT industry. Successful completion of these projects will provide a huge boost to your portfolio and can attract a variety of top IT companies.

    It is recommended that you work on ProGrad projects over the weekend and on public holidays. We also strongly encourage you to find more time in your schedule to work on mini-projects that we'll be prescribing from time to time.
    Yes! You will receive a ProGrad certificate upon graduation.

    Please Note:
    To graduate from the ProGrad Program, you will have to meet
    (a) minimum scores in the Term Assessments and Projects
    (b) minimum scores in the Final Assessment and Capstone Projects for the ProGrad Program
    (c) minimum participation criteria

    Specific details regarding minimum requirements will be communicated during the Orientation session at the start of the Program.
    About the Placement Assistance
    The Annual CTC offered by Partner Recruiters will be in the range of 3 to 5 lacs. Also, a general observation is that Annual CTC for top performers in the ProGrad is potentially higher.
    The Core Java Developer ProGrad Program is designed to equip students with skill-sets and technical know-how that is in increasing demand in the IT industry. However, a student's rigor and performance during the course of the ProGrad Program would determine whether or not he picks these skill-sets, and whether he is ready to take on demanding IT jobs.

    Hence, to be eligible to participate in the Placement Process at the end of the Training Phase, a student would have to necessarily meet all minimum criteria prescribed for the ProGrad Program as follows:

    (a) minimum scores in the Term Assessments and Projects
    (b) minimum scores in the Final Assessment and Capstone Projects for the ProGrad Program
    (c) minimum participation criteria
    Upon graduating from the ProGrad Program, you will begin receiving interview opportunities with our Recruitment Partners. You will continue to actively receive such opportunities until 6 months from graduation from the ProGrad Program, or when you receive your first Letter of Appointment from a Recruitment Partner (whichever is earlier).
    A significant number of our Recruitment Partners are startups and other emerging IT Companies, who do not lay great emphasis on past formal academic performances. However, you do have to be exceptional with your domain knowledge which you can showcase through your performance in the ProGrad Program.