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D E Shaw Interview Questions and Process - FACE Prep

Published on 09 Mar 2020

Once the candidate clears the online coding test, they will have two technical interviews, one managerial interview, and an HR interview. Before you attend the DE SHAW Interview you must go through some of the previous D E SHAW Interview Questions for getting an idea about the type of questions asked. This gives you an idea of what questions will be asked. The more questions you practice, more confidently you can attend the interview.


You can find some of the latest D E SHAW Interview Questions here.

D E SHAW Interview Questions - Topics to focus on

Operating Systems:

  • Deadlock
  • Implementation of Deadlock (Data Structure to implement deadlock)
  • Threads and Synchronisation
  • Virtual Memory
  • Mutex, Semaphore. How does it actually work?


  • Virtual Functions. Internal Implementation of it.
  • Strongly typed language vs Weakly typed language.
  • Difference between java and C++.
  • Difference between garbage collection in java and C++.
  • Multiple inheritance in Java and C++.
  • How may .java files are created for a class with many files.


  • Normalization
  • Explain ACID properties and internal implementation of ACID properties in DBMS.
  • There is an employee table and department table. Query to find the Names of employees with maximum salary in each department. How to check if the length of the employee name is exactly 4.
  • Some queries on joins.
  • Clustered index and non clustered index.
  • Design a database for parking lot. With my design they asked me to find the liscense plate of the SUVs currently parked in the parking lot.

Data Structures:

  • Preorder and Inorder traversal.
  • Given one binary tree with million nodes. Check if another binary tree with 100 nodes is it's subtree (Optimised Solution).
  • Sort the elements of a stack recursively.
  • Implement queue using stacks and stack using queues.


  • TCP vs UDP.
  • Why do we use UDP? Which layer are these protocols in?
  • Http vs https
  • Given "www.faceprep.in" how is it resolved. That is about DNS.

D E SHAW Interview Questions - Technical interview

  • Define a MAC address? How many bits does it have?
  • What is 3-bit parity?
  • What do you mean by checksum error correction?
  • When is a switch said to be congested?
  • What is a semantic gap?
  • Define FDM, WDM, and TDM?
  • Which are the network support layers?
  • Explain binary semaphore with its use?
  • Define cycle stealing?
  • What do you mean by demand - paging and pre- paging?
  • What do you know about graph theory?
  • Basic concepts on OS are asked.
  • How hash maps are implemented in java?

D E SHAW Interview Questions - HR interview

  • Tell me something about your self in brief.
  • What are the qualities that make you think that you are fit for this job?
  • What are your strength and weakness?
  • What was your biggest failure?
  • What is your greatest achievement?
  • How was your previous interview?
  • Which you prefer working with figures or with words?
  • What kinds of persons you do not like to work with?
  • What do you know about the company?
  • What do your friends think of you?
  • How will you rank money, power, love, and fame? Justify your answer?

D E SHAW Interview Puzzles

Puzzles, riddles, logical questions, and lateral thinking questions are an important part of D E SHAW Interview Questions. These questions are included in the D E SHAW Interview Questions to check your thinking skill. Even if you don't know the exact answer explain to them the logic you have used The following are some of the important puzzles included in the D E SHAW interview Questions.


Three spiders are sitting at the corners of an equilateral triangle. Every spider begins randomly, picks a direction and begins to move along the edge of the triangle. What is the probability that none of the spiders collide each other?


A man has two ropes of differing thickness. Each rope burns in an hour. He really needs to gauge 45 mins. How might he measure 45 mins utilizing just these two ropes? He can't slice the one rope down the middle because the ropes are non-homogeneous and he can't be sure how long it will burn.


You have 3 jars that are generally mislabeled. One container contains Apple, another contains Oranges and the third container contains a blend of both Apple and Oranges. You are permitted to pick the as many numbers of fruits you need from each container to fix the names on the containers. What is the minimum number of fruits that you need to pick and from which containers to effectively mark them?


Six fishermen can catch six fishes in six minutes. How many fishermen are needed to catch sixty fishes in sixty minutes?

How to crack D E SHAW interview?


  • Be very strong in basics of computer science like OS, DBMS, Networks, algorithms and data structures.
  • You should have a thorough knowledge of the projects you have mentioned in your resume. Students were asked to draw the circuit diagram or block
  • Develop a very good communication skill. They look forward to people who are overall good and who can handle problematic situations with thoughtful solutions

Commonly asked java interview questions-set 1

Commonly asked java interview questions-set 2

Commonly asked java interview questions-set 3

Why should we hire you

6 commonly asked HR questions in an interview

D E SHAW Interview Experience


Name: Aadhithya K D

Round 1: Written Test

Type: pen and paper

Negative Marking: Yes there is a negative marking of 0.25 for each wrong answer.

Section 1: Quantitative Aptitude

Difficulty level: very high

Duration: 20 minutes

Some of the questions that were asked are:

  • The number of times a person have to toss a coin so that the probability of getting a head is more than 0.9?
  • If the integers m and n are chosen at random from 1 to 100, then what is the probability that a number of the form 7^m + 7^n is divisible by 5?
  • Problem-based on averages.
  • Problem-based on time and work.
  • Problem based on mensuration.
  • 5 questions based on data interpretation.

Section 2: Technical Questions

Difficulty level: high

Duration: 20 minutes

The questions were from :

  • C debugging and output questions
  • Java debugging and output questions
  • Database
  • Operating System
  • Networks
  • Data Structure theory questions

Section 3: Write a program

Difficulty level: medium

Duration: 20 minutes

Question: Implement the function log power(int n,int a). The time complexity should be O(log n).

Of the total 80 students, 20 were selected to the next round.

Round 2: Technical Interview 1

  • Is it possible to swap 2 strings in java?
  • Why do you pass the object by aliasing in a copy constructor?
  • Default arguments int read(int x, int y, int z=0) the default values should be from right to left .why?
  • A heap should be represented using a complete binary tree, Why?
  • Find the maximum value in an array using recursion?

Round 3: Technical Interview 2

  • Define object slicing?
  • Find the median of an unsorted array?
  • Show that quicksort is an unstable algorithm?
  • Using a program find prime numbers between 1 to n?
  • Questions on virtual functions?

After this only 3 students were selected for the HR round.

Round 4: HR Interview

As I attended the pre-placement talk it was easy for me to answer many questions. Other questions were general questions. Then they selected me finally and I was the only student who got selected from my college.

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