Deloitte Placement Papers, Deloitte Placement questions with solutions

Deloitte placement papers with solutions are given here. Deloitte conducts its on-campus and off-campus drive through AMCAT. The most repeated questions in previous year Deloitte placement papers are given below.

Deloitte Placement Papers Analysis

1) Deloitte Recruitment Process

Deloitte conducts 3-4 rounds for its recruitment process. Get all the details on the Deloitte Recruitment Process here.

a) Online Round (AMCAT format)
The online round consists mainly of four sections namely, General Aptitude, logical, Probability and Statistics and verbal sections.

  • The verbal ability section consists of 25 questions and the time given is 25 minutes. Topics like Reading Comprehension (short passages which are easy to solve and contain answers in the passage) and basic grammar testing topics like antonyms and synonyms, paragraph completion, sentence completion, vocabulary, fill in the blanks, etc.
  • The Quant section consists of 25 questions and time allotted is 35 minutes. It tests your speed and accuracy in solving math problems. The emphasis is on logarithms, HCF & LCM, time and work, permutations and combinations, geometry, profit and loss, simple and compound interest, algebra, speed and distance, percentages, arithmetic.
  • The logical reasoning section consists of 25 questions and time allotted is 35 minutes. It tests your mental ability, problem-solving skills, and decision-making skills. The topics like blood relations, arrangement, number series, directions, data sufficiency, puzzles, and graphs are covered in this section.

b) Group Discussion
After clearing the online round, the students are called for Group Discussion Round. This round basically checks your communication and presentation skills. Deloitte mostly provides a case study based on a Technical problem faced by an organization. Get some tips on winning a Group Discussion.

c) Technical + HR Round
The technical and personal interviews are mostly held together. In the technical interview panel mostly test you on technical aspects like C, C++, Java, DBMS and Operating systems.
Students will be expected to write codes in the interview.
The HR interview focuses on your personality and other factors like family, education, internships projects, current affairs, work experience, hobbies, etc.
*The AMCAT format may change from time to time.

Deloitte Placement Papers with solutions

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