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Deloitte Interview Questions | Technical and HR Rounds - FACE Prep

Published on 07 Mar 2020

You can find some of the Deloitte Interview Questions asked previously in the Interview Experience section. This round takes place after the Deloitte Online Test followed by a Group Discussion/JAM session.

Deloitte Interview Questions

You can find the Deloitte Online Test Pattern and Syllabus 2018 here.

A candidate will be shortlisted for Deloitte Interview only after he/she is able to clear the Deloitte Online Test which consists of the following sections:

Deloitte Quantitative Aptitude Test Questions with Answers

Deloitte Logical Reasoning Test Questions with Answers

Deloitte Verbal Ability Test Questions with Answers

After thee Online Aptitude Test, the candidate also has to go through a Deloitte Versant Test which is an automated English Proficiency Test.

In this article, you will find the type of questions asked for both Technical and HR round for Deloitte Interview process. These Deloitte Interview Questions and answers will help you to get an overall view of the pattern. These interview questions were submitted by students who attended the Deloitte interview process recently.

Deloitte Interview Questions - Resources

It is required that the candidates prepare well for the expected Deloitte Interview Questions beforehand. FACE Prep is providing some links to make the Interview seem smooth.

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Tips to crack Tech interview

Commonly asked stress interview questions

6 commonly asked HR questions in an interview

Tips for Deloitte Interview Questions Round - Technical and HR

  • Make sure you bring your Updated Resume to the Interview. It is important to know that the interviewers will ask you questions about what you've written there. So, be prepared about every point inside your resume and most importantly about your final year project.
  • Dress appropriately. Never go overdressed or underdressed. Choose moderate colors.
  • Research about the company beforehand. You might be presented with a case study about the company and asked questions based on that.
  • Prepare for general interview questions and take advice from those who have already attended the interview.
  • Don't be nervous. An interview is not an interrogation but rather a business talk between two parties. So, be confident.

Mistakes to avoid during Deloitte Interview Process

These are some mistakes that you must avoid while answering Deloitte Interview Questions. the interview. These tips have been taken from Deloitte's career articles.

  • Making a weakness seem positive: When asked, "What are your weaknesses?" the panel doesn't want to focus on your weakness but rather on what you are doing to enhance it as this will tell them more about you and how you handle this question.
  • Not knowing yourself: Your greatest mistake will be if you have researched the company thoroughly but not about yourself as a person. Get the panel interested by talking about your academic and professional achievements and why you think you are a right fit for the company.

Deloitte Interview Questions + Candidate Experience

Candidate Name: Abhishek Dayal

University: SRM University

Deloitte came to our University for the campus placements. Before the main process started, they gave us a pre-placement talk about the company, its motives and how it will help with our career aspirations. The talk was very encouraging and that motivated me to sit for the company's placement process

Round 1: Round 1 was the Deloitte Online Test which I had heard is an assessment by AMCAT. The pattern was pretty simple and all the topics were from high school mathematics, English and verbal. I had prepared for the exam from online aptitude websites such as, Faceprep, and m4maths.The exam was a little tricky but i managed to clear it. Thank god, I had practiced a lot of Mock test on aptitude based questions. There were some IT based questions in the end which are easy to solve if you are in touch with the basics. Overall, the exam went well and I was able to clear it.

Round 2: Round 2 was a Versant Test. It is an automated test taken on a computer to check our English speaking, reading, and comprehension. One section required us to hear a conversation and answer questions based on it and other section tested our natural accent where we had to speak in the microphone. This round is easy to clear if you are an average English speaker.

Round 3: The 3rd and final round was the Deloitte Interview Process. I was very nervous before the Interviews but had taken some points from my seniors. The game here is to be thoughtful and confident about your answers. The panel i was assigned to asked me a lot of tech + non-tech questions like:

  • Why did you take CSE?
  • What is your favorite Computer language?
  • Write a program on "How to count the occurrence of a given character in a String?" in your favorite language.
  • Write a program on "How to check if two String are Anagram?"
  • Why String is final in Java?
  • How do you find the sum of two linked lists using Stack?
  • Tell us about abstration and inheritance?

I was very stressed out as they checked all my programs one by one. They pointed out a few mistakes in my code and asked further questions on the same. I think the interview went on for more than an hour.

Next, after some waiting, I was sent for the HR Round. The HR round was comparatively easy and the HR asked me very basic questions like:

  • Where were you born?
  • Tell me about your family?
  • Why do you want to join Deloitte?
  • Do you like IT?
  • What are your career aspirations?
  • Will you be ready to relocate to a new place?

After the tough tech interview, this interview seemed very light and i answered with all the confidence I had.

I was eagerly waiting for the results and was hoping the tech panel liked me enough to approve me as an employee. Finally, after a week, I received a mail from the HR with a "congratulations" . What a relief!

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