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Deloitte Versant Test | Deloitte Recruitment for Freshers - FACE Prep

Published on 07 Mar 2020

In this article, we focus on the Deloitte Versant Test. This test is not very common in placement tests. It is important that you understand the idea behind the test and get good Versant Test Tips. In this article, we focus on the following:

  1. Deloitte Versant Test - Overview
  2. What is the Idea behind Versant English Test
  3. How the Deloitte Versant Test is conducted
  4. Sections of the Deloitte Versant Test
  5. Versant Test Cut-Off
  6. Versant Test Tips
  7. How to crack Versant Test
  8. Versant Test Score

Deloitte Versant Test

Deloitte Versant Test - An Overview

Deloitte Versant Test is an automated spoken language test that are taken on the computer. This takes place in the second round of the Deloitte Recruitment Process only after you clear your first round which is the Deloitte Online Test.

The main purpose of this Versant test is to assert the importance of English communication for jobs in the knowledge economy. Ability to speak and comprehend the English language in a neutral accent is important for any job that involves interaction with the customer. Even in jobs such as IT or software development, there is the requirement to interact with multiple clients about the project life-cycle and this requires spoken English skills. Along with that, English is the universal language and for an employee to grow in any field, he/she should be proficient enough in the language for greater opportunities.

The Deloitte Versant English Test analyses the following in a candidate:

  1. Listening Skills
  2. Speaking Skills
  3. Analyzing Skills
  4. English Grammar Skills

In the following points, we'll discuss how the Deloitte Versant test is conducted, the contents of the test, cut-off, and a few important tips to help you clear the Deloitte English Versant Test with ease.

How is the Deloitte Versant Test conducted?

The test is conducted on an IVR i.e. Interactive voice response. To start the test, you will need to call on a number provided to you before the test starts. Normally, Versant test takes place in any lab in your college which has proper pieces of equipment such as a microphone and headset. If this is not the case, Deloitte will arrange a direct call via mobile phone.

What are the sections?

The test consists of 5 sections, as discussed below:

  1. Section A: The first section analyzes your hearing and analyzing skills. You will be made to listen to a conversation between two people (US accent) for 1-2 mins. Following the conversation, you have to answer some questions based on the conversation. So, make sure you concentrate on the context of the conversation throughout.
  2. Section B: The second section analyzes your hearing and grammar skills. You will be made to listen to a few sentences with blanks and given some options to fill those blanks. Make sure you check the grammar of the whole sentence before submitting the answers.
  3. Section C: This section analyzes your speaking skills. here, you will be presented with a paragraph on your monitor screen which you will have to read in a neutral English accent. Make sure you read the paragraph word by word at a moderate speed.
  4. Section D: This section analyzes your grammar and sentence formation skills. Here, you will have to introduce yourself in some sentences. You can prepare this section beforehand so that you clear this section smoothly.
  5. Section E: This section checks your analyzing and speaking skills. Here, you will be given a random topic, 10 seconds to think and form some points on it and then speak about it in your neutral English accent.

What is the Deloitte Versant test cut-off?

It is important that you do your best in all the 5 sections because every section has its own cut-off. The overall Deloitte Versant test cut-off is 75% which is calculated after assessing all the sections. If you have a good command over the English language, you can easily cross the cut-off. Check how the Versant Test Score is calculated

Deloitte Versant Test Tips - How to crack Deloitte Versant Test

  • Go through the instructions carefully before beginning the Deloitte Versant Test.
  • Also make sure your Microphone, Headset, and Monitor are working correctly. If they are not, call the supervisor and ask for a new set of equipment otherwise it can cause an issue during the test.
  • If allowed, take a paper and pen/pencil with you to note down important points.
  • Listen to all the sentences and conversation during the test carefully and understand the context as you do in real life.
  • Speak clearly into the microphone. To avoid external noise, cover the microphone with your hand (not completely) and keep it close to your mouth while you speak. Also, don't breathe directly into the microphone as this can also cause a noise.
  • Avoid any Grammar mistakes.
  • Speak clearly, at a moderate speed and avoid wrong pronunciation of words.
  • Don't get nervous, if you do you'll lose your tone. Just believe that you have a basic command over the language and you will easily clear the test.

You will be notified of your selection by Deloitte through your registered e-mail IDs following which you will be called for a Group Discussion/Just A Minute session further followed by a face to face Interview (Technical+HR). In case you don't get any notification, make sure you follow up by sending an e-mail or arranging a call with your placement cell.

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