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Hello FACE Preppers! Here is great news for those of you curious to learn Python. FACE Prep has started an article tutorial series for Python beginners. This series will focus on helping you learn Python in a simple and easy way. Do check it out now: http://bit.ly/2LLLGKD Also, we will keep updating this page with new tutorials every week. So stay tuned to it and get started with learning Python now. ~ Team FACE Prep

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Divya C 1 day ago
hey Paul I want to learn Java...

Wipro has announced it's most awaited Wipro National Level Talent Hunt for 2020 batch. To know more about the registration process, pattern, test dates etc, check this - http://bit.ly/2kvDp2N The last date to register for the test is 3rd October 2019.

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snehal dalvi 1 day ago
can anyone send me study material for Wipro elite - dalvisnehal32@gmail.com

I am preparing tcs smart hiring any given previous year question papers or patterns because 60% repetition

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IBM Interview Experience for GTS

Hello Friends, It was 2 days process of IBM, the very first round was Gaming Round, in which 5 different logical puzzle games were there and each game has its rules by following these rules we have to solve these puzzles and earn stars, I have cleared first round and in Second Round It was physchometric test contained with decision making questions and need to tell agree ,slightly agree, Disagree, again i have cleared second round and pushed to third round. Third Round was Communication Assessment , in which they will provide us a topic and gave three minutes to talk on these topics in English, basically in third round they checked our communication skills. again i have cleared third round and reached at final round. Final Round was technical in which they asked me abt My College Project, Computer Network, Linux, Mainframe etc. and result came and Got Selected at IBM.

Overall Experience Positive
Difficulty Level Medium
Selection Status Yes, and I accepted
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which Company is better to join ??

  1. A IBM 61%
  2. B TCS 39%
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Can anyone know the selection process of Tricon Infotech Pvt Ltd

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