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Hey Guys! We have an important announcement to make. This discussion forum will no longer be available from Tuesday [18/02/20]. We do know that this discussion forum has been the most loved forum for placement discussions. And, honestly, we will always be grateful for the love and appreciation showered on us. However, we have something more exciting coming up! And, we promise not to disappoint you. Stay tuned! ~ ❤️ F

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Md 1 day ago
I need to know about IELTS

Can any one optimize this code(python 3) for the given problem ? https://www.hackerrank.com/challenges/climbing-the-leaderboard/problem def app(l, n): count = 1 for i in range(len(l)): if l[i] <= n: print(l[i], n) index = i count = 0 break if count == 1: l.append(n) else: l = l[:i] + [n] + l[i:] return l # Complete the climbingLeaderboard function below. def climbingLeaderboard(scores, alice): s = [] for i in range(0,len(scores)): if scores[i] not in s: s.append(scores[i]) l = [] for i in range(0,len(alice)): s = app(s,alice[i]) l.append(s.index(alice[i])+1) s.remove(alice[i]) print(s) return(l) Thanks in advance

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POORNACHAND 5 days ago
def app(l, n):
for i,val in enumerate(l):
if val <= n:
print(val, n)
return l[:i] + [n] + l[i:]
return l+[n]
def climbingLeaderboard(scores, alice):
s ,l = sorted(list(set(scores)),reverse=True),[]
for val in alice:
s = app(s,val)

Hope it would Work !!!

If anyone has attended technical interview for full stack developer by face. If so can you send the topics to be prepared. I have interview tomorrow.

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Venkata Raghulan .V 6 days ago
The questions will be testing your basic understanding of programming. You will be asked to share your screen and solve a few programs which are quite easy. All the best
Md 1 day ago
For 2019 not available
Siva 7 days ago
I already got a call letter, What will be the interview process specifically in Coding round it will consist MCQ or only coding like that..