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Hari Rushi Yadlapalli 10 days ago
I would give you just one good suggestion, In the interview do not panic and do not show the stress. Do not stop while speaking and always be confident.
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Sara 1 month ago
hi...actually I want to know about Tcs xplore...what does it mean...they told me to start learn in sms....is it necessary to read...kindly send the details about the TCS xplore july commity
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Majhi Sailesh 2 months ago
Are the results announced ??? For TCS NQT 2019 batch
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Mastan Basha Shaik 3 months ago
how to attend TCS NQT 2020 Webinar
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Ashmita Dutta 19 days ago
when is the 3rd slot ?
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Nikhilesh Puvvada 3 months ago
sir can u make a video on tcs ninja 2018 about walkins !!
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Shivani khare 3 months ago
what will be the pattern for the infytq online exam held will it only include questions based on the subjects related to python,sql,ds or will it also include apti?
also what if we don't apply for it online?
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