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Sandip Dey 2 hours ago

i created this group only for those people who are got selected in tcs nqt 2019 .join this group so that this will keep everyone in touch .
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Majhi Sailesh 27 days ago
Are the results announced ??? For TCS NQT 2019 batch
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padala venkata parvathi 1 month ago
if anyone knows the program about spiral fibonacci plz send me to my wp 7659801428
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Mastan Basha Shaik 1 month ago
how to attend TCS NQT 2020 Webinar
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Abhishek Khaiwale 7 days ago
Know more about the infytq exam by the candidates who got placed on https://www.quora.com/How-was-Infosys-infyTQ-interview
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Nikhilesh Puvvada 1 month ago
sir can u make a video on tcs ninja 2018 about walkins !!
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Shivani khare 1 month ago
what will be the pattern for the infytq online exam held will it only include questions based on the subjects related to python,sql,ds or will it also include apti?
also what if we don't apply for it online?
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