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http://bit.ly/2CuKoyt - Spend 13 minutes to watch this video by our experts to know how you can master the Quantitative Aptitude, English Language, Logical Reasoning and Coding sections of on-campus and off-campus drives.

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any one got the mail about mindtree interview for Vijayawada region

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Deepak Kumar 7 hours ago
wt about Hyderabad? any info?
sirii023 9 hours ago
if you are non It and fresher Python , core Java , Oracle. As many of the companies prefer.Now a days coding round is there in IBM, wipro, mind tree, TCS to clear that phyton is the best as user can understand and write easily. Core Java to understand object oriented language concepts sufficient. data base like Oracle is common in every companies. I hope this is useful.
madivada hari priya 11 hours ago
aptitude written, picture story, skill written text,tr nd hr

can any one help me for interview process of techm for software developer and training process also...(about rellocation and training period)...??

Is an engineering guy from non it background is elligible to sit for tcs campusing?

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Swathi C 9 hours ago
Yes. Most of the times.
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