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Hai Guys. I have a doubt please tell if u know the answer. Last month I attend Tech Mahindra drive Bahadurpally, Hyderabad. They said that we will get Offer letter in next month(July). Now it is end of July still we didn't get any offer letter. If anyone have experience it please give some suggestions.

For clearing technical round what are the languages I meant to know

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Debadi Prasanna Gongopadhyay 1 hour ago
c basic of java and data structures

Hey hii guys what type of programs should I prepare for ninja test especially based on datastructures.. plz let me know

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Jyoshna Reddy 27 minutes ago
do u have prepinsta paid materials and if u have can u plz share with me jyoshnareddy1996@gmail.com

hei....friends what should I do to improve my coding skills...can anyone advice me.please

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Debadi Prasanna Gongopadhyay 1 hour ago
practice from hackerearth

In the diagram below, the areas of the triangles are as follows: A1=1024, A2=1016, A3=1057. What is the area of A4?

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Prakhar 3 hours ago
Where is the diagram?

What to they generally ask in TCS NQT technical round? What to prepare for that?

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Yogesh sachdeva 3 hours ago
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