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I am from 2019 batch with 2 offers. Which company is better to join Wipro or Cognizant?

  1. A Cognizant 56%
  2. B Wipro 44%
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GAURAV GAWDE 1 day ago

Is it worthy to attend musigma offcampus in banglore as Iam staying in Andhrapradesh (considering difficulty level,probability of selection,no of days it will take to complete whole interview process)

  1. A Yes 57%
  2. B No 43%
1 Thanks 54 Attempts 5 Comments
Arham Ansari 5 days ago
Not gone through it

what is the difficulty level of muapt( mu sigma aptitude test)

  1. A easy (just brushup basics) 22%
  2. B Moderate (apti-rs agarwal is enough and a bit logical thinking and problem solving skills ) 47%
  3. C Diffucult(Advanced questions (gre level)) 31%
49 Attempts 1 Comment
Khushi 4 days ago
anyone got mail who gave interview in noida

I am done with my TR and HR in cognizant on 2nd March 2019, is there any chances of selection??2019 passed out.

  1. A yes 84%
  2. B no 16%
1 Thanks 51 Attempts 3 Comments
satin 7 days ago
do you have any idea when will results coma? mine was done on march 3rd in malla reddy clh

which is good for a fresher to join

  1. A cognizant 77%
  2. B Atos syntel 23%
3 Thanks 145 Attempts 2 Comments
ASHOK NAIDU 8 days ago
did u have atos syntel preparation materials plz forward to naiduashok40@gmail.com

which company can I join with CGPA of 6 in engineering,I am from VTU university????

  1. A Cognizant 53%
  2. B Accenture 47%
1 Thanks 101 Attempts

which company is best to join as a fresher 🙂

  1. A INFY 65%
  2. B WIPRO 35%
1 Thanks 155 Attempts 1 Comment
Both of them are mass companies. Either of them is a bad choice as fresher. Join a low level software companies. They actually develop a whole new set of skills inside you.

which companies can I join with a CGPA of 6 in engineering (university-VTU) on on-campus placements ????

  1. A TCS 36%
  2. B COGNIZANT 16%
  3. C WIPRO 12%
  4. D ACCENTURE 15%
  5. E MINDTREE 21%
2 Thanks 121 Attempts
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