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Quantitative Aptitude

General and topic-specific discussions on quants

Debarshi Chakraborty 16 hours ago
Can you please share the drive link? :)

can anyone share the cognizant , Infosys and wipro study materials at asinghakvk@gmail.com

Shubhangi 22 hours ago
Send to shash9728@gmail.com too
sunil prakash 1 day ago

Solve this puzzle: Suppose you have two packets: Packet 1 has 84 chocolates, 50 are eclairs chocolate and rest are dairy milk chocolate, Packet 2 has 53 chocolates, 12 are eclairs chocolate and rest are dairy milk chocolate. Suppose we pick one of the packets at random, if the chocolate picked is a dairy milk chocolate, what is the probability that it came from packet 1? Give answer till 4 significant digits

sunil prakash 1 day ago

In a birthday party there were quite number of small children.out of them 40% wished to have chocolate .whereas 30% of them wished to have ice cream .10% of the children wished to have both.One boy was chosen randomly from them. Find the probability that the selected boy wished to have either chocolate or uce cream?

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Debadi Prasanna Gongopadhyay 5 days ago
is it 0.6
Prakhar 6 days ago
Agar 1litre ki pepsi pe likha ho ki now get 50% extra , so that means New capacity is 150% of old one Or 50% more than old one. So new capacity agar nikalni hai, toh 1 litre pe 50% add karenge na, so we are adding 0.5 to 1 which makes new capacity 1.5.
1.5 isilie aya kyuki we took 1 litre as old capacity & this 1litre is 100% of itself , means mai mai new capacity nikalne k liye 0.9litre pe 50% add nhi kr raha , pure 1litre pe 50% kar raha hu, thats why we take or add 100
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