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Quantitative Aptitude

General and topic-specific discussions on quants

Kandula Madhu Lavanya 2 hours ago
can anyone send meTCS aptitude test material to my mail madfhulavanya004@gmail.com and also give me some tips how to crack online test

The set A (0) is (1,2,3,4). For n > 0, A(n+1) contains all possible sums that can be obtained by adding two different numbers from what is the number of integers in A(10). can anyone solve it and say

Tomorrow I have Capgemini exam can anyone help me how the appititude and pseudo code come there ....

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A tap can fill a bucket in 6 hours. After half the bucket is filled, three more similar taps are opened. What is the total time taken to fill the bucket completely?

  1. A 3hrs 15 min 21%
  2. B 3 hrs 45 min 39%
  3. C 3 hrs 25 min 19%
  4. D 4 hrs 00 min 21%
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physical science 12 days ago
can you explain how
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