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Verbal Ability

General and topic-specific discussions on verbal section

Can anyone please send me tech mahindra off campus material for preparation I would be pleased with your help mail I'd shivalingalabhargavi400@gmail.com

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sana bala chowdeswara kumar 5 hours ago
Send me if possible for sbckumar048@gmail.com

can anyome help me to score good in verbal section? i have only 2 month of time and i face a lot of difficulty's while doing verbal section?

Kalluri Jahnavi 11 days ago
I suggest u to prefer YouTube and novels to improve Ur verbal ability. If possible keep solving online mock tests.
Swathi C 16 days ago
No. Email writing is not there. Instead there is English.

Hello Facepreppers!! As a lot of you chose Arrays in the recent poll, so here is our first YouTube live session on Arrays tomorrow (03/05/19) from 6:00 to 7:00 PM. To watch the live tomorrow, click here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzxZJf366Vs Click on the bell icon to set a reminder when we go live and please donot forget to subscribe :) In this session, we will be discussing about 1) Array types 2) Array Implementations 3) Array advantages and disadvantages 4) Array applications and 5) Problems on Arrays

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prithi ka 15 days ago
Tripurari kumar 4 months ago
watch in YouTube about previous aptitude of ur subject u get more comfort how aptitude asked

To people who attended Infosys aptitude today, which part in the verbal section did you find more difficult?

  1. A Reading Comprehension 37%
  2. B Spot the error 19%
  3. C Synonyms, antonyms 14%
  4. D Para-jumbles 8%
  5. E Critical reasoning sentence (inferences / judgments) 13%
  6. F Other (Please comment below) 8%
97 Attempts 1 Comment
Jaya sai Rangaiah 5 months ago
sentence improvement
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