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C, C++, Java,...

Any off campus in thus month??

tiku sahoo 1 minute ago
did u get mail from tcs regarding interview result Ishann ?

anyone HV cadence previous papers ?if u HV plzz send to this mail.. savitripatil987@gmail.com

can anyone tell how to clear mindtree technical round.?

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Sayan Chowdhury 1 day ago
Have extensive knowledge of programming and question from Java not very much in depth. Not the coding part but the logical part. They ask you to write the logic in any language of your choice. I was placed in Mindtree on the 13th this month. My interview was on 11th on campus.
Hope it helps.
Best of Luck.

does any one have off campus Amazon interview questions please send copy to harshithreddy012001@gmail.com

I cleared the TCS written test conducted on sep1.I didn't get any mail regarding interview date .Is any one got the date for this interview round

Naveen 1 day ago
it's takes time to get the interview details

can anyone give me suggestions about Wipro coding test, what I should practice and from where I should practice.??


I have CTS interview on 14th September. Can anyone share what type of questions might ask in the TR and HR

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Shipra Shilpi 17 hours ago
can you please tell me about your automata fix questions typr
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