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C, C++, Java,...

Does any one have cognizant programming papers of 2020 or past? Please share me @ raviamin148@gmail.com

Finding Cycle Notation Math You don't know when set notation will pop up. This is not actually standard notation and I find it a lousy concept, personally as it induces in error. Whereas cycle notation makes it simple to compare permutations for conjugation, array notation results in a distinct all-natural manner of comparing permutations referred to as pattern containment. Furthermore, the commas separating elements in the very same cycle are occasionally dropped if this doesn't create confusion. Source:- https://www.calculatored.com/math/algebra/permutation-calculator

What is the first preferred role we get for Data Science architect masters certification?

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Manish Kumar 3 days ago
first learn python

Does anyone have ebooks for Let us java and let us python? If yes, kindly mail me rishyafets@gmail.com

Did anyone know job searching portals for degree students if know comment below - thank you in advance

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vedant tiwari 10 days ago
you can go for http://hireyy.com/ for job searches I also got the job from their because from there you can directly fill the company form for whom you want to apply without paying any subscription and all. So, I recommend you to go for it.

What about tcs smart hiring interview?? written test results are out? if announce comment below

Vishnusai 1 month ago
no bro

andrew is a stock trader who trades in n selected stocks he has caliculTED THE RELATIVE STOCK PRICE CHANGES IN THE N STOCKS FROM THE PREVIOUS DAY STOCK PRICES NOW HIS LUCKY NYUMBER IS K,SO HE WISHES TO INVEST IN THE PARTICULAR STOCK THAT HAS THE Kth smallest relative strock value .find the algorithem for andrew to find the kth smallest

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