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C, C++, Java,...

For clearing technical round what are the languages I meant to know

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Debadi Prasanna Gongopadhyay 1 hour ago
c basic of java and data structures

Hey hii guys what type of programs should I prepare for ninja test especially based on datastructures.. plz let me know

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Jyoshna Reddy 26 minutes ago
do u have prepinsta paid materials and if u have can u plz share with me jyoshnareddy1996@gmail.com

hei....friends what should I do to improve my coding skills...can anyone advice me.please

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Debadi Prasanna Gongopadhyay 1 hour ago
practice from hackerearth

What to they generally ask in TCS NQT technical round? What to prepare for that?

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Yogesh sachdeva 3 hours ago

Can anyone tell about the interview of IBM in detail ?

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if anyone having sufficient knowledge of core java,he can crack epam interview process for java development

  1. A definately 26%
  2. B yes 35%
  3. C not sure 26%
  4. D no 14%
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did anyone attended mindtree interview last week saturday in MLR college,hyderabad.if plz share the experience

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finally they selecting very less students they filter out more students through GD and TR rounds

help me to solve this question : input values: 15 3 4 2 output:5-4=2 is prime no 4-2=2 is prime no 3-1=2us prime no

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If anybody appeared for Infosys exam 2020 then plzzz tell me the qns and difficultyness.......

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