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Hai Guys. I have a doubt please tell if u know the answer. Last month I attend Tech Mahindra drive Bahadurpally, Hyderabad. They said that we will get Offer letter in next month(July). Now it is end of July still we didn't get any offer letter. If anyone have experience it please give some suggestions.

Is there any off campus happening for 2018 passout batch If it is, let me know in comments with link please

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Prakhar 16 hours ago
Depends on location

tcs results are out! have given interview at Kolkata on 5th July 2019 and got selected

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sreelekhadandamraju 3 hours ago
They will mail us offer letters or should we check in portal?

if anyone completed their assessment in virtusa plz let me know how was d difficulty level and what coding question u got thanks in advance

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sreelekhadandamraju 1 day ago
medium level questions.coding questions which i got are
1.pattern programme.
2.number of occuences of substring in the parent string.
what about level of questions r they moderate, easy or tough
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