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Mech, CS, Electrical, Civil,...

Anyone had faced eZest Solutions online test round if yes plz do share ur experience to me,if u r having questions of that test then plz do send it to me I m having my drive tomorrow only. analratnagaikwad@gmail.com

Any one got mail from tcs who have cleared the test and not yet selected ?

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Vinay Gudli 15 days ago
I got a mail yesterday from TCS, saying that the interview will status from 20th of Jan, and will end within one week....

TCS bond year

  1. A 1 year 48%
  2. B 2 year 28%
  3. C 3 year 8%
  4. D don't 17%
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kiran kumari 11 days ago
Ashwin Raj 12 days ago
i got Job alert mail what abt u ???
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